One touch technology

One touch technology

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One-Click Technology Solutions Is a global pioneer in technology solutions and services, with over 100 global clients. Clients will use our Company IT solution to operate their companies more efficiently and effectively. Our mission is to provide Service and Solutions in a precise, timely, and cost-effective manner to assist our clients in reducing operating costs, reducing future litigation costs, and managing risk. We are a business known for our experience, values, creative past, and deep dedication to our customers and employees. We have the range of services and scale to make a difference while also giving each customer, no matter how big or small, the attention they deserve.
Create software to control events and venues using the One Touch Tech Solutions mobile platform. Interactive features such as event information, navigation, and time schedules keep guests updated about upcoming events and streamline their experience. For applications to simultaneously please all, user tastes must differ widely and change rapidly. Standard reliability and consistency are something that all consumers expect. That’s why, no matter what technological problems occur, a clear plan of action is needed to ensure a consistent user experience.

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Listening with a single touch

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Simply tap your smartphone on a range of NFC-enabled Bluetooth® speakers to listen to music wirelessly. Furthermore, when you simply touch your headphones to your mobile, playback begins immediately.
Remote control with a single tap
Monitor the shutter release of the camera from your mobile device and receive the captured image instantly via Wi-Fi. Then, with a few clicks, upload the photos to your favorite social networking site.
Sharing with a single click
You can quickly share a group picture with your friends with just one touch. For the ultimate in convenience, you can also transmit details on your favorite restaurant, directions to a meeting place, and Youtube links, among other items.

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With the release of the new range in January 2018, ATLANTIS officially announces the availability of the new ONE TOUCH® technology. Baseball caps are designed and manufactured using the ONE TOUCH® concept. ATLANTIS will exclusively sell it in Europe in two versions: CAP ONE (with pre-curved visor) and SNAP ONE (with flat visor). A special technique, similar to that used in knitting to produce a rounded form, is used in the development process. This method enables us to create caps with no panels and no stitching, making them ideal for customizing! The ONE TOUCH® caps with a single panel are incredibly flexible due to their “one piece” design that suits every head size perfectly.

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1 Touch will assist you with any project, whether you’re starting from scratch, renovating, or trying to bring the latest in security and smart technology to your home. Allow one of our knowledgeable representatives to contact you to arrange a free consultation or to answer any questions you might have.
All is taken care of by us.
With over 100 years of combined experience, 1 Touch is a reputable, fully licensed general contractor and technology solution provider. We are locally owned and run in Chesapeake, Ohio, but we represent customers as far away as Indiana, Tennessee, and North Carolina! 1 Touch Building, Remodeling, and Technology is here to meet all of your construction, remodeling, and technology needs. A History of Excellence ReliabilityInnovation Solutions that are unique
Services for Winter Weather
Winter storms have wreaked havoc on our Tri-State area. At 1 Contact, we understand how important it is to start the repair process as soon as possible in order to avoid expensive losses and regain your peace of mind. Continue to read

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