Onecoin merchants list

Onecoin merchants list

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Delete the final sentence. “There is a petition to put an end to the suspected scam activity and apprehend the perpetrators.” This has no place in an encyclopedia; anybody can launch an online petition on any topic they want, no matter how serious or trivial it is, and it amounts to nothing. For eg, the Taco Bell petition to “Bring back chili cheese burritos at all locations,” which we don’t include in the Taco Bell article for some reason, nor the one for “Taco Bell in north London” or the many others easily found on Not to mention that the link to is hxxps:/ rather than a proper link, since is on the spam blacklist.
I’m not sure what the consensus is on reliability for [1], but it’s definitely fascinating, because it contradicts the notion that they’re selling “educational material.” —IP address: (talk) 31 May 2016, 18:48 (UTC)
Is a credible source for the assertion of “the fastest growing business,” as stated on the page: “Digital currency is the world’s fastest growing industry, and OneCoin leads this development” (above the image of “The Bitcoin killer”).
RicardoHard-59 (discussion) 10:10, July 12, 2016 (UTC)

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I recently learned about this type of crypto-value and would like qualified knowledge and recommendations from experts. Because I am unfamiliar with the world of Bitcoin, I would like to learn about the discrepancies between the two, if any exist, as well as the possible risks and revenues.
According to what I’ve read and heard from another Bitcoin meetup participant who attended a OneCoin presentation, OneCoin appears to be a pyramid scheme targeted at people who know little to nothing about cryptocurrencies, capitalizing on the media exposure that Bitcoin and its peers are receiving.
When considering any type of cryptocurrency investment, keep a healthy amount of skepticism in mind. If something seems to be too good to be true, it most likely is. When in doubt, inquire about particular items on forums dedicated to cryptocurrency conversation. Personally, I’ll avoid OneCoin as much as possible.
Unlike bitcoin and other altcoins, there are no merchants accepting onecoin at the time of this writing. Apart from what Murch has said, the onecoin community has given no information that can be checked by a third party.

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Yes, OneCoin affiliates who own companies will allow internal OneCoin transactions from other OneCoin affiliates via the OneCoin backoffice, but presenting this as evidence of OneCoin being a legitimate payment network is fully disingenuous.
Outside of the OneCoin market opportunity, OneCoins are only Ponzi points with little real-world value. OneCoins can’t be used for anything other than transferring them to other OneCoin affiliates, and this isn’t expected to change until at least mid-2018.

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Uddin Mohammed Aklim Mohammed Aklim Uddin Mohammed Aklim Uddin Mohammed According to a series of documents seen by the Advertiser, Saleh Ahmed, also known as Saleh Ahmed, allegedly convinced at least six local investors to part with tens of thousands of pounds as a salesman offering investment packages in a digital currency called OneCoin.
Mr Ahmed, 46, from Ilford, also attempted to accept donations through an unregistered charity connected to OneCoin, but it was later dissolved after being reported to the Charity Commission.
According to the Advertiser, he instructed a group of investors to hire others into the scheme, and told the principal investor to lie to her bank if she wanted to get some of the £52,400 she paid to him and an associate back.
He recently returned to London with another ex-OneCoin promoter to promote a new, similarly organized scheme in Bethnal Green.
In mid-2017, Action Fraud received a complaint about the situation, according to the organization.
“A summary was disseminated to the City of London Police on June 26, 2017 for intelligence purposes,” a spokesperson said.

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