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This position is mainly or solely associated with the Post-Super Genesis Wave period. The information in this article may or may not be canonical to the game’s plot or other Sonic continuity.
Onyx City is a fictional city that appears in the Archie Comics’ Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs. It’s a fictional city from Silver’s future. The Onyx City Council and their Civil Protection Robots govern this dystopian metropolis.
Onyx City’s residents were apparently divided into separate job groups with different assigned colors and changes at some point. The people obviously despised their society’s rule, but they appeared unable or unable to challenge it, owing to the Onyx City Council’s Civil Protection Robots and other technologies. 1st

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Izel tries to save his sister’s life and avoid the cruel mechanizations of the heartless gods who manipulate his universe in Crunchyroll’s dark adventure series. Is this CR Original going to be an action-packed blockbuster or a gore-filled spectacle (or both??)?
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For discussion of the series ahead, there will be spoilers.
Gore and some nudity are included in the content alert.
Steve is a great guy.
So, Nicky, it’s time to ring in the new year with our first column of the year! It’s an exciting time to be alive. Our slate is new, our options are endless, and we can take advantage of this opportunity and energy to set the tone for the next twelve months. In light of this, I believe the best—no, the only—course of action for us is to cover a show about blood sacrifices and humanity’s impending extinction.
Nicky is a character in the film Nicky
It didn’t sound ominous at all to have an episode titled “The Last Year” on my first broadcast in 2021 (Savage). No way! Aside from the lingering existential dread, this show is a major milestone for animation, as it’s the first fully produced animated series by Crunchyroll, with a setting rooted in Meso-American culture and a diverse staff. Although this is our first show of the year, it is only one of many “firsts” that this title can claim. Today’s subject is Onyx Equinox!

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Onyx Equinox[1] is a Crunchyroll-produced Mexican-American animated cartoon series created by Sofia Alexander. It is based on Mesoamerican mythologies, with deities from Aztec, Maya, and Zapotec mythology, as well as references to the Olmecs.
On November 21, 2020, the series premiered.
[two] “I hope that fans of Western animation can see the appeal of action-drama animation for adults,” Alexander said. [three] Although Alexander was initially hesitant to pitch the show because of the lack of “stories about Mesoamerica,” Marisa Balkus, a Crunchyroll executive, loved it, and the show became “the first original series to be made entirely out of Crunchyroll Studios.” [number four]
Mictlantecuhtli, the Mexica/Aztec god of the underworld, has begun stealing blood sacrifices from the other gods, resulting in the destruction of a Zapotec city. Quetzalcoatl tries to close the gates to the underworld to achieve this goal, but he is unable to do so because the gates are made of obsidian, which is poisonous to gods. So he makes a wager with Tezcatlipoca: he will locate a human, “the lowest of the poor,” and name him his champion in order to close the gates before the equinox, when Tezcatlipoca will exterminate mankind. Tezcatlipoca accepts the wager, but sends his champion Yaotl as an emissary to prevent Quetzalcoatl from cheating.

Onyx news network

Net Trans is a fast-growing business with established technologies, as well as a global player with significant market share in Europe and Asia Pacific. Net Trans Services and Onyx Payments have been strategic partners since 2006, serving common clients, and see this merger as an opportunity to realize each company’s vision for the travel industry.
Onyx Payment’s global scope is now even wider thanks to today’s acquisition. In over 200 nations, the combined businesses can represent over 200,000 hotels and 200,000 travel distributors. The new Onyx Payments expects to provide services that are even more important to its customers as a result of an influx of new talent, technology, and efficiencies. The business will communicate its developing and creative solution set for the betterment of the travel industry in the coming months.
“We will now have the best minds in the sector working together to develop our current goods, and more significantly, concentrate on creativity and introduce new technologies and services to the travel industry,” said Mark S. Dubrow, Chief Executive Officer and President of Onyx Payments. This partnership represents a significant step forward in the implementation of our long-term strategy.”

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