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When excavator operator Abdullah Abdul-Gawad heard that the Suez Canal was closed due to an emergency, he assumed he would be out of work for the day. Instead, the hours ahead — as well as the next five days and nights — promised to be quite the opposite. On March 23, the Ever Given, a skyscraper-sized container ship, became stranded on the canal’s banks, and Abdul-boss Gawad’s needed him immediately. “We need you to get in a car and come right now because you’re the only excavator driver who’s close enough,” Abdul-Gawad remembered being informed, speaking with Insider via an interpreter. Abdul-Gawad told Insider that the scene he was confronted with at work was “actually quite something.”
He described it as “awe-inspiring.”
The 28-year-old, who has worked as an excavator operator since university, said he and his coworkers worked 21-hour days with no sleep and had yet to earn overtime pay.
From inside the excavator cabin, he described how events unfolded.
Goliath vs David
The Ever Given was freed thanks to an international initiative that included the use of winches, dredgers, tugboats, and excavators. Abdul-Gawad, on the other hand, was the man who was literally on the front lines of the problem. He had no choice but to begin digging once he arrived at the ship’s foundation.

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It’s real what they say: an EMT salary won’t buy you a house or a Mercedes. You, on the other hand, are a skilled professional working in a high-stress environment. You deal with vital life and death problems on a regular, if not hourly, basis, and you want to be well paid. Who are you to blame?
In 2016, about one-third of EMTs reported working more than 40 hours per week.
The exact policies vary by agency, but most workers are paid 1.5 times their regular rate for every hour worked over 40.
Many EMTs, particularly those with families, work a second job to supplement their income. For extra money, you can work standby at events, but common EMT side jobs include teaching, protection, and personal training.
Five of the top ten cities with the highest EMT wages are in the state of Washington. Working as a first responder on the West Coast may pay well, but the higher living costs can offset this.
Your level of experience and professional designation are also factors in EMT salary levels. State-by-state training standards and designations differ, but EMT, AEMT, and paramedic are the most common, with paramedic being the highest level of EMS training.

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We’ve all heard it said that people leave their employers, not their jobs. You can’t go wrong by scrolling through some memes to remind yourself that you’re not alone, whether you have a nice boss, a terrible boss, a toxic boss, or a mildly incompetent boss! In our jobs, we all work with difficult bosses, and sometimes we are the difficult bosses. Why not teach ourselves to laugh at ourselves? Check out these boss memes and tell us the ones you’ve dealt with or are currently dealing with! 15 Embarrassing Boss Memes
Don’t take it personally; they’re obviously not trying to offend you… but if you get the opportunity, speak to them about their actions and how they make you feel. Open contact may aid in the de-escalation of conflict.
Few things hurt as much as not being acknowledged for your contributions. Particularly when a guy simply repeats it and then takes credit for it. Do you need assistance coping with microaggressions like these? We’ve got your back.
Who doesn’t wish for more cash? If you believe you aren’t being paid fairly, but your boss isn’t listening to your hints and/or has already denied your offer, use these strategies to make your case!

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Recently, there have been a few data points that have caught me off guard. There are apparently people in this world who work 40 hours a week or less and lament about not being able to get ahead!
I understand how you would not be able to work 40 hours a week if you are unemployed, a student, have a disability, are doing hard manual labour, or are underemployed. However, I’ve only heard of countries such as France, where people work less than 40 hours a week and go on strike if they are required to work more.
If you’re satisfied with your salary and job, working 40 hours a week or less is ideal. If you’re not bored out of your mind and can get away with it, working 40 hours a week or less is also a good idea.
Unfortunately, I am not professional enough to do what I want in that short period of time, nor do I have the confidence to work so little for so little pay. If I worked too little, I’m pretty sure I’d be fired.
Two women on the bus were sitting next to me, talking and describing their long day at work. “Thank god the day is over!” one woman exclaimed at 6:30 p.m. I arrived an hour early at 8:30 a.m. and am completely spent!”

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