Painted rock cats

Painted rock cats

This cat is actually a rock

I’ve never seen Yvette’s work without respect, and I’m sure you have as well. She has this incredible talent for painting animals as if they were alive, smiling at you, watching you, talking to you, making you fall in love with them and want to hug them!
Yvette ranks among THE MOST TALENTED AND INFLUENTIAL rock artists of our time because of the techniques she masters so exquisitely, the warmth of her rocks’ presence, and the quality of images that represent her work.
With the following selection, I only hope to open a door for you, and through this door, I invite you to enter the happy world of Yvette’s cats, dogs, and owls, which come to life from nothing more than rocks. Isn’t that incredible?
These cats, as realistic as they look in photos, took the artist years of experience and countless hours of hard work to bring to life. And if they smile like this at you, it’s just because the artist has poured her heart and soul into it.
I was also enchanted by Yvette’s painted owls, which were among the many rocks she had so expertly painted. I was taken aback by how delicately and harmoniously they were portrayed. I also liked how Yvette displayed them in these original wood stands, as if to give them even more life:

Rock painting ideas – cat

I had a crazy week last week, with several things holding me away from “blogland.”

Cat rocks: a cute and easy tutorial perfect for rock painting

As I write this, I am currently in Colorado.

How to paint a cat on a rock with acrylics | portrait of nyla

I returned on Saturday and am looking forward to spending time with Steve and catching up.

Painting a cat on a sea rock ! rock painting art by roberto

This time, I brought my camera, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more blog posts done on this trip; we’ll see. I had almost finished this post on Friday, but only now have I had a chance to finish it. It was undoubtedly a pleasurable experience.
Tip: If you don’t let the paint dry completely before applying a sealer, it can smear a little, like the kitty on the top right did… His cheeks and eyes are now slightly green.
This is why the boys were so enamored with that little novel.
He’s Elizabeth’s pet… or Winston’s cat, as the case may be (but we all sort of claim him).
He is a piece of art as well as a family member… There are only two family cats around here, but this one is still willing to pose for pictures 🙂 Laugh out loud. I hope you enjoy your time with rocks and paintbrushes.

Hand painted rock cats by roberto rizzo | www

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Painting a cat on a sea rock in acrylic! rock painting art by

This kitty can be colored in any color you like. To begin, draw an oval. After that, draw a skeleton. I went with a U shape for a slim cat, but you could easily go for a pear or butternut squash shape if you prefer your cat to be a little chunkier.
Apply pink in the ears and on the nose until the foundation is dry. To make the front legs and hands, draw four black lines and a few ovals. Make your mouth, eyes, and whiskers now. Fill in the blanks with whatever you want. A ball of yarn, a leash, or even putting your cat on a rug are all choices.

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