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Find the best palace fried chicken

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Alberoni171 has written a critique. On the 16th of May, 2018, I checked it out on my phone. Excellent place. They’re now eating ice cream. The service is consistently excellent, with prompt delivery and a “A” rating from the NYC Health Department. Visited in May of 2018 Is this information useful?
Alberoni171 has written a critique.
On the 17th of February, 2017, I checked it out on my phone. Chicken that is both crispy and juicy This is a fantastic chicken restaurant that also serves gyros and wraps. My son is a huge fan of the chicken there. The owner is a wonderful person who provides excellent service. Excellent value for money. It’s also conveniently located near the J and Z trains in Queens (Richmond Hill),…5 for you. > Read More > Visited in February 2017 Is this information useful?
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On the 3rd of December 2016, I checked it out on my phone. Chicken from a restaurant It’s not like KFC chicken, but it’s cooked well. French fries are crisp and delicious. I’ve also had fried shrimp, which are also delicious. Helpful? Date of visit: December 2016

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I just happened to walk into this location today. It was there when I was hungry. The facility was clean, and the staff was courteous and supportive. There were a lot of choices on the menu. The Zinger (chicken sandwich) combo was my option. It made my day because it was so delicious. The chicken was cooked to perfection, juicy, thinly sliced, and with a flaky breading. Although the sandwich appeared to be “light,” it was very filling. Fries were generously portioned and fried to perfection. A comparable Chick-fil-a combo was less expensive.

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Look into it. View a list of all Central Falls restaurants. Unclaimed Palace Fried Chicken 0 reviewsSaveShare Central Falls, RI 02863-2657+1 401-305-5803+ 744 Dexter St, Central Falls, RI 02863-2657+1 401-305-5803+ Include a website+ Count up the hours. Improve this page by adding pictures! Include a photograph. Improve this page by adding pictures! Include a photograph. Reviews and ratings There haven’t been any reviews written about Palace Fried Chicken in Rhode Island yet.
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Include a photograph. Contact information and location Central Falls, RI 02863-2657+1 401-305-5803 744 Dexter St This listing should be improved. Be the first to write a review for this product. Make a summary. List is being updated…

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Updated on October 12, 2018 Delicious Fried Chicken They serve delectable fried chicken, as well as a number of side dishes and soft drinks. The service is straightforward and fast. They serve until 4 a.m., making it one of the best late-night dining options in Long Island City. Helpful? Date of visit: September 2018
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Updated on December 21, 2017 A good choice for a late-night dinner. I came in on a whim after a night out by myself. The restaurant itself is unremarkable, and the menu is average, but the food was delicious, the portions were generous, and the service was excellent. I was able to sit and eat a fast meal at a reasonable price. and more Helpful? Date of visit: December 2017

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