Paypal right now were not able to complete this transaction

Paypal right now were not able to complete this transaction

We’re sorry we’re not able to process your request right now

So, this is the first time I’ve ever come across this error: “We’re afraid we won’t be able to accept your bill. Here are some choices for you: *Use another PayPal form, such as the one we’re using right now. *Choose a different payment method.” I tried anything, which is the tricky part. Despite the fact that all three debit cards are legitimate, none of them worked. Since this had never happened before, I was suspicious and attempted to purchase something else to ensure that all was in order with my debit cards and PayPal account, which I had double-checked and found to be sufficient. And I’m successful. But there’s obviously something wrong with the transaction I attempted to complete. I won the iPhone auction, but I’m having trouble making the invoice. Is there someone who can assist me in resolving this? Please accept my heartfelt gratitude!

Paypal errors: ‘things don’t appear to be working at the

It’s possible that some of your attendees may have difficulties using PayPal to make online payments. Although some of these issues are caused by inaccurate credit card information or problems with the payer’s PayPal account, payment errors can also be caused by problems with your PayPal account. In any event, please have your attendees explain the exact error message they saw on PayPal’s website. Without this, we will be unable to provide you with adequate resolution assistance. The list that follows is a work in progress that explains some of the most popular PayPal error messages and their most common causes:
Unfortunately, PayPal imposes these restrictions for security reasons, and they have nothing to do with the buyer’s credit card account. The only workaround is to advise them to establish a PayPal account using that credit card (if they don’t already have one) or to complete the transaction using their current PayPal account (if they already have one).

Not able to recieve money error solved 100% just follow

Hello, could someone please help us? We’ve been trying to make a reservation for a stay at an airbnb place. It has been accepted by the host. There’s plenty of space on our Mastercard. The CC company representative confirms that all is in order, but Airbnb is blocking the payment. I emailed the support center for assistance, and they had no idea why and just recommended that we use PayPal. We have paypal set up and ready to go, but it does not appear as a payment option. We have arrived in Canada. How are we going to pay for this?
This is my fourth day of attempting to address the issue. Our credit card company flagged the transaction as potential fraud because it appears that Canadian payments are routed through a bank in the United Kingdom. That’s understandable. Days of phone calls to credit card company management and Airbnb customer service have yielded no results. While the CC company has pre-approved the transaction for the UK, airbnb has refused payment. We’re looking for a different way to book our holiday right now.
Hello, Trish.
When I tried to book European rail travel with SNCF while on vacation in Europe, I ran into a similar problem. My Visa was secured by ‘Verified by VISA,’ and my Australian bank could see (and approve) my transaction requests, but SNCF kept refusing my transactions ‘due to fraud.’ For the problem to go away, I needed a billing address in the country from which I was making the transaction. I requested that my Australian bank update my billing address to our UK base address, and I was able to book SNCF tickets from the UK (but not from France or Germany). This was extremely aggravating because many other online vendors did not have this problem. (For example, eBay and TrainLine in the United Kingdom happily accepted online transactions from a variety of European locations.) Since the SNCF British Office refused to consider my solution and refused to look into the problem further due to “privacy” concerns, I made a dozen phone calls to SNCF and my Auusie bank from France and the UK. The key problem, which included SNCF payment practices, was never resolved. (It may be due to UK banking regulations.) I had to either return to the UK or find a nearby railway station where I could’sign’ the credit card transaction instead of booking tickets online ‘on the fly.’ Good luck in resolving your problem! Finding a ‘techie’ inside the bank or on AirBnB who can ACTUALLY recognise the issue seems to be unlikely.

Paypal bank link error fix || sorry we are not able to process

PayPal is a great online payment service that has made international transfers possible. Despite the fact that it wasn’t the first of its kind, it is still the most common, with many ecommerce sites using it as their default payment method.
However, there are moments when it’s a waste of time. You run into payment issues, as you do with anything. And, as with everything, you’re not the only one who’s had these issues. Fortunately, the vast majority of PayPal issues are simple to resolve.
In certain cases, even contacting PayPal for support is ineffective. Changing browsers is often recommended, but this does not always work. Of course, you should try, but the first thing you can do is double-check that the sums you’ve sent are right. Have you tested the balance on your account? Have you made a mistake and typed in an extra zero?
Clicking Continue does not result in an immediate currency switch. After that, you’ll have to confirm the action on Exchange Currency; if you don’t want to, you can quickly back out.

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