Paypal sent money to wrong email address

Paypal sent money to wrong email address

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Hello, a friend tried to give me money but put in the wrong address and it said “unclaimed,” so she cancelled it. How long does it take for the money to return to her account so she can resend it? many thanks
When you cancel a payment (because the vendor won’t approve it), the funds must go through paypal, which can either refund them to your funding source (if you paid with a debit or credit card), or credit your paypal balance (if it was funded from your balance or instant bank transfer), but this may take a few days or even a week.

How to refund paypal payment

If the email address it was sent to is owned by someone else, it can be cashed in. If you are able to assert the email address, you must add it to your PayPal account in order to receive the payment, or the sender must cancel it immediately.
Any unclaimed Paypal payment sent to an email address that is not associated with a Paypal account should be able to be canceled by the sender.
If they do not cancel it and no one claims it within 30 days, the money will be returned to them.
They will demand the payment if the owner of that email address (whoever they are) opens a Paypal account.
When he came to pick up the car, he said he had sent me a $100 deposit through Paypal, so he gave me $100 less cash. I didn’t have access to a computer, but he seemed like a good guy, so I didn’t make a big deal about it. Then, when I go to check, there’s no sign of his payment. Since I had to keep correcting him, I believe he sent it to the wrong email address.
In his Paypal account, he should have a record.
Please contact him and request that he copy and paste the email address to which he sent payment.
See if you can come up with a way to get the email address.
Then add it to your Paypal account and confirm it.

How to refund a transaction in your paypal account

@angelah1847 wrote:You can add up to 8 separate email addresses to your Paypal account. The buyer should then be able to pay, and you will be paid. Only if the email address is still in use will this function.
Angelah is mostly right, in my opinion. You won’t be able to use the email if it no longer exists, and you won’t be able to use it on Paypal. I recently had this experience with an elderly friend who had left an almost-dead email address on one of his listings and kept receiving emails from Paypal requesting that he “claim the payment.” I called them on his behalf, and they were extremely supportive (unlike what we’re used to!) and guided me through the process of obtaining the funds. Even if defunkt Will only release the funds into your account if you add the old email, you will not receive an email to that address. I’d call them tomorrow to explain the situation, and then double-check that everything you relist has a current email address – this is easily missed.
But the buyer hasn’t paid because I told them not to, so there aren’t any funds to claim. @dollyanna45 wrote:But the buyer hasn’t paid because I told them not to, so there aren’t any funds to claim. Is it possible to change the payment information and re-invoice? Request their contact information and phone them to ask for their email address using advanced up top by the big blue search button. If you have their PayPal email address, you can give them a PayPal money request and mark the item as paying until they pay.

How do i cancel a paypal payment sent to the wrong email

Try logging into your PayPal account and inserting the incorrect email address. Assert the funds for the orders, then delete the wrong address. At the very least, you’ll be able to submit orders and avoid the headache.
Try adding the incorrect email address to your PayPal account, as Carol suggested. Go to PayPal, hover over the Profile drop-down menu, and pick “Update Email.” Then, on the bottom right of that tab, use the add button to add the incorrect email address to which the payments were sent. I don’t know if that would succeed, but it’s worth a shot!
It worked for me when I stopped using an email address and received a payment a few days later, before I’d finished checking all the accounts I could recall. But that was a long time ago. It’s worth a shot and less hassle than canceling and requesting reorders.

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