Selection of the best paypal to bluebird transfer

Selection of the best paypal to bluebird transfer

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😜 Bluebird won t let me send money

>>> PayPal AndyAdministratorPosts: 2060 @Tammyz88 181 kudos Accepted Answers: 61 Is it possible to include my Bluebird account as a bank account? 09:57 PM, 08-06-2015 Hello, Kelushan. I’d be delighted to provide you with a genuine answer to your query. In a nutshell, no. Ok, maybe. But it’s unlikely. In general, virtual banks like this are dangerous for PayPal, so we don’t allow them to be used. I can’t assume we’ll flatly deny it (although it sounds like we are), but they can’t be used in most cases. I hope this information is useful. Andy –

👧 Can i transfer money from bluebird to bank account

I figured out how to transfer funds from my AMEX Bluebird card to my Paypal account. You may be able to do this with gift cards or other accounts as a solution. YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. About $4 per hundred. You must create a new Paypal account under your name, using a different email address. Link the Bluebird card to one of them (your primary PayPal account). The money is then “sent” to your second Paypal account. If you’re anything like me, you just have one Paypal account and a Paypal debit card. It’s also where I keep my main account. I simply transfer the new balance from my second Paypal account to my primary Paypal account, and I’m done. The money in my Bluebird account has been transferred to my main Paypal account, minus the $4 transaction charge.
Why is there a charge? I use the send money tab, personal, send to friends or relatives, to move money from my micro PP account to my Premier account, and there is no charge. Why can you only connect your Bluebird card to one of your PP accounts but not the other? LC

🖐 Can you link a bluebird card to paypal

My Bluebird debit account was successfully connected, but when I try to transfer money from my PayPal account to my Bluebird debit account, it does not appear in my transfer options. Is there someone who can assist me? Thank you.
If the option to move to your linked card isn’t available when you go to withdraw, the card is most definitely ineligible for withdrawals, as is the direct deposit style account that comes with the card if it isn’t available as well.
With PayPal goods, you can withdraw money in a variety of ways. If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll provide more details.
For your account, the Cash debit card may be a good choice. There is no charge for this card, and there are no monthly payments. For transactions, the card is connected directly to your PayPal balance, or you can withdraw cash from an ATM (some for free). Here’s a PayPal connection to the Cash debit card’s details. If you sign up for this card and need to add funds to your PayPal account in order to use it, I’ll show you how to do so using PayPal Cash. ppcash ( (

😸 Paypal card

I’ve spent hours searching the Paypal website and forum for an explanation as to why I can’t connect my bluebird account. I’d like to be able to move money from my Paypal account to my Bluebird account. I’ve successfully attached the card, but it won’t let me connect the actual bank account to deposit to. Since every single post on the forum about this is unanswered, I am unable to locate the answers. Any assistance will be extremely helpful. When I try to add the routing and account numbers, the only answer I get is: “We’re afraid we won’t be able to fulfill your order. Please come back later and try again.”
The reason you can’t connect your Bluebird routing and account numbers is that you can only use them to deposit and withdraw funds. To put it another way… It can only be used for direct deposit. You would not be able to use the account or account number in the same way as you would a “standard bank account,” such as transferring money, paying with a checking account, and so on. Your account and routing number are only used for direct deposits. I know this because I attempted to pay my electric bill using my bluebird account and routing number, as if it were a checking account, and my payment bounced a few days later. This happened to me two or three times before I figured out why my payment was being rejected. One of the numerous drawbacks of using bluebird, American Express, or prepaid cards.

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