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Last miute offers for paypal what if seller doesnt respond online

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🌹 Paypal resolution center

Center for Assistance What can we do to assist? Search using a keyword Your case has been elevated to the level of a claim. Your contested transaction’s case has been turned into a claim. The majority of sellers have ten days to respond (but some have longer). If the seller responds by presenting transaction details, we’ll review it and make a decision on the case. If the seller does not respond, we will most likely rule in your favor. You’ll get a full refund if we find in your favor because you’re covered by our Purchase Protection Program.

📄 Paypal dispute resolution centre

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😝 Paypal item not as described seller not responding

So, a week or so ago, I was “scammed” by a seller who failed to give me my digital products after receiving payment from him. I lodged a complaint, which he quickly escalated to a claim, claiming that I’m lying and that he sent the products. He escalated the dispute to a claim about 9 days ago, and the claim details page shows that he hasn’t replied to the claim or provided paypal with any information. So, after his ten days are up, will I be able to provide PayPal with my details in the resolution center? I’m asking because it states on the page that if he doesn’t reply within the 10 days paypal gave him, the funds will be returned to the rightful owner, which has me puzzled as to how they will decide who is the rightful owner of the funds if I haven’t had a chance to state my case?
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Before escalating a dispute to a claim, you are expected to add all of the facts into the dispute.
All you can do now is wait for PayPal to make a decision, and if they need more information, they can request it.
They will refund you within 48 hours of the 10-day deadline if they find in your favor.

🌼 Paypal dispute seller not responding reddit

Hello there, Anthrophile. It’s possible that it’s pending since the refund was submitted from an echeck account. It could take up to ten working days for the echeck to clear. If you haven’t received it, I recommend opening an item not received case on eBay.
Hello, LarryG27. Was it within the last 180 days that you returned the watch? If you’re certain the seller has received the watch, open a case through the resolution center and provide the tracking number. Even if the seller asks you to, do not close it until you are satisfied with the result.
Greetings, mjames76. It is the seller’s responsibility to send the partial refund. If their account is on hold because of the conflict, advise them to contact PPAL directly and request that the hold be lifted so that they can refund you. Have you mentioned that you would consider the dispute? Close the dispute after they’ve submitted the refund and it indicates cleared payment in your account, and you’re satisfied, but don’t close it until you’ve seen cleared payment.
Hello, AnuragAnand. Have you double-checked your ebay listings’ “payment methods approved” and made sure your PayPal email address is correct? Also, double-check that your ppal email address matches your ppal address. Is it a high-value payment?

🍀 Paypal dispute phone number

So, I filed a lawsuit 11 days ago for a purchase that the vendor refused to refund because the item was defective. He had until yesterday to answer to Paypal, and he hasn’t, so could someone please tell me what’s going on now? Will I get a refund from PayPal?
Hello there,
You and the seller have 20 days from the day the dispute was opened to settle the problem and escalate to a claim. Whether you or the seller file a claim, the seller has 10 days to provide PayPal with all of the details they need. If the seller hasn’t replied and you escalate to a lawsuit, the same rules apply; if the seller hasn’t responded but you don’t escalate to a claim, PayPal will close the conflict without intervening. If you escalate the dispute to a claim and the seller does not respond to PayPal within the specified timeline, PayPal will rule in your favor and refund your money.
Hello, I’ve escalated it to a claim; paypal had set a deadline for him to reply by the 18th of August (yesterday), but he has not responded; paypal has not messaged me about what happens now that he has not met paypal’s deadline; and paypal has not messaged me about what happens now that he has not met paypal’s deadline.

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