Pending in chinese

Pending in chinese

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During the 31 C/5 and 32 C/5, the Director-General recommends that only a small number of ongoing CCT projects with demonstrable effectiveness and performance, especially at the field level, as well as the use of creative modalities and approaches, be continued during the 33 C/5, but that no new CCT projects be added.
to hasten the decision on them, and encouraged Committee members to deal with all applicant organizations in a non-selective manner, arguing that the outcome of the vote would allow the Committee to continue its contact and consultation with the organization to resolve the issues posed by various members.
As the Council meets to discuss nuclear-weapon-free zones, NAM reaffirms the need for a nuclear-weapon-free zone to be established as soon as possible in the Middle East, in accordance with Security Council resolution 487 (1981) and paragraph 14 of Council resolution 687 (1991), and in any other region that has not joined the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons or declared a nuclear-weapon-free zone.

“pending” in cantonese (有待) – flashcard

Amnesty International has denounced China’s execution of a Philippine drug smuggler on Thursday, saying that such executions for non-violent crimes are usual in other Asian countries as well.

2 chinese nationals arrested in turkana with over sh1.4m

Amnesty International spokeswoman Catherine Baber spoke in Taiwan on Tuesday as Philippine authorities and the smuggler’s family battled against time to save him from execution in China’s Guangxi province.
“Despite the Philippine government’s representations on the defendant’s behalf, Amnesty International is saddened that the Chinese governments have reported their intentions to execute the Filipino suspected drug smuggler,” she said. “It is a breach of international human rights laws that China continues to execute citizens for non-violent and non-lethal crimes.”
Due to the imminent execution, Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay sent a letter from President Benigno Aquino to his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao, on Tuesday, demanding that the death penalty be commuted.
The petition was made on humanitarian grounds, according to the Philippine Star newspaper.

Frequency in chinese – how to express how often

Since US President Donald Trump threatened to ban TikTok in the US if the social media app remained in the hands of a Chinese firm, ByteDance, the app’s parent company, has been scrambling to sell a portion of its business to American investors.
On September 19, Donald Trump gave his approval to a deal between Walmart and Oracle to form a new joint venture called TikTok Global, only for it to run into new roadblocks days later.
This week, two separate interpretations of the agreement emerged: Though ByteDance claims to own 80% of TikTok Global, Oracle claims ByteDance will lose its entire stake in the new business. In a television interview, Trump said that the Chinese firm would “have nothing to do with it,” and that if they did, “we would simply not make the offer.”
According to what I’ve heard, Beijing will oppose the current agreement between ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company, and Oracle, Walmart, because it jeopardizes China’s national security, interests, and dignity.

Context is king for mandarin pronunciation

The US-China talks have advanced to what seems to be a “truce.” According to Kong Dan, a former chairman of China’s state-owned Citic Group and Everbright Bank, the trade war began as a result of the United States’ fear of the state-led economic structure. These initiatives are a response to China’s unfair trade practices, according to the Americans.
President Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are expected to sign a settlement later this month, according to senior US officials, after reaching an agreement on implementation and other primary aspects of the conflict.
However, one stumbling block remains: what to do with all of the tariffs that the two countries levied on each other in the previous year. China wants them removed, but the US wants to keep at least some of the tariffs on Chinese products.
The US trade representative, Robert Lighthizer, who is leading the talks with China, believes that keeping certain tariffs in place gives the Chinese leverage. Duties will be reduced as Beijing shows that it is keeping its promises.

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