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Do you know which are the best peter kirby factom?

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Peter is an experienced entrepreneur who has spent the past 15 years working in a variety of successful early-stage technology companies. He has extensive experience in business growth and community-based marketing in the technology field. From neurological supplements to investment finance to commercial construction and real estate, his business interests have covered the gamut. Peter has led multi-million dollar operations and been the driving force behind bringing major products to market as a pioneer in the blockchain sector.

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Factom, a blockchain technology firm based in Austin, Texas, has announced the expansion of its leadership team as the company continues to expand. Paul Snow, the company’s founder and visionary, has taken over as CEO.
During this unprecedented period of development, Snow intends to maintain Factom’s leadership in the enterprise software space as well as serve blockchain companies. Peter Kirby, a co-founder of Factom, remains President, overseeing company operations, sales development, and product roadmaps.
Since launching Factom Harmony, the first blockchain commercial product for the mortgage industry, in March 2017, the company has seen strong consumer demand, necessitating the addition of a larger leadership team.
Kirby will continue to lead Factom’s product roadmap, which allows businesses to securely exchange and validate digital assets. Third-party audits, due diligence, and enforcement checks of data or records in complex transactions are all reduced with Factom Harmony.

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Peter has extensive experience assisting groundbreaking innovations gain momentum and scale as an experienced entrepreneur and early leader in the blockchain space. Peter has established himself as a go-to advisor in the technology space due to his passion for assisting growth-stage businesses in achieving their most ambitious goals.
Having co-founded several technology and hardware firms in the early days of the blockchain industry. Peter was instrumental in establishing reputation and encouraging early adoption in the business, government, healthcare, insurance, and banking sectors.
As the CEO of Factom, a leading blockchain startup that raised tens of millions of dollars from investors such as Tim Draper. In 2015, Peter launched one of the first and most profitable initial coin offerings (ICO). Customers such as the US Department of Homeland Security, Munich RE, the world’s largest reinsurance firm, Wells Fargo, USAA, and Stuart Title were acquired as a result of Peter’s strategies.
Peter is a thought leader in the blockchain room, having testified or spoken in front of the World Bank, Money 20/20, the US State Department, and the US Department of Homeland Security, to name a few.

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Kirby, Peter: At the end of 2012, I began looking into bitcoins. I bought a few and wandered around the market for a while. I got into bitcoin mining in 2013 and helped start a hardware business. In September 2014, we launched Factom after I left to investigate blockchain as a technology.
Factom is a blockchain-as-a-service, unlike its rivals. Simple API calls allow accounting software, medical records software, and financial software to connect directly to Factom. To use the app, institutions don’t need a wallet, bitcoin, or a stake in any digital tokens.
Kirby, Peter: Yes, of course. Factoids are software tokens that are used to pay for the system’s hardware. They’re an important part of a decentralized system; if transfers are made by anyone in the center, the system is no longer decentralized. The Factom protocol distributes a set number of Factoids to each server on a regular basis.
Each Factoid represents a set of device entries. A Factoid will purchase 100 entries for $0.10. A Factoid will purchase 1,000 entries for $1.00. When you spend a Factoid on entry credits, the Factoid is permanently removed. As a result, Factoids and the overall device value are inextricably linked.

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