Peter lee ubs

Peter lee ubs

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UBS has applied to buy out two minority investors in its China joint venture, raising its ownership of UBS Securities in Beijing to 67 percent. The bank’s good and long-standing partnership with the owner of the remaining 33%, a Beijing local government division, serves as a timely reminder that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to success in China.
UBS bid to buy out two minority shareholders in its mainland China securities joint venture (JV) on Friday, strengthening its leverage.
If it goes through, the Swiss lender’s interest in Beijing-based UBS Securities will increase to 67 percent from 51 percent. UBS has not revealed the amount it is paying. In Hong Kong, a spokesperson for the media declined to comment. It’s a timely reminder that there’s no one right way to carve out a workable strategy in Asia’s largest economy, not just because of China’s strong commitment to opening its financial market to international competition.
For better or worse, each international agency has its own strategy, timeline, and long-term goals, which are unlikely to change.
Guangdong Provincial Communication Group and China Guodian Capital Holdings are the two selling owners. The first is the sale of its 14.01 percent interest in UBS Securities; the second is the sale of its 1.99 percent stake. “China is a main market for UBS,” the Swiss bank said in a statement.

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Many investors are curious what comes next now that stocks are at 5-year highs.

Tech is nothing more than natural repricing of risk: ubs

In a recent interview with Eric King of King World News, Peter Lee, Chief Technical Analyst at UBS, gave a bleak forecast.
Long-term “mean-reversion,” according to Lee’s interpretation of the charts, could send stocks plunging.
The S&P 500 is currently valued at 740 by the mean based on Lee’s “1942 trendline.”
Yesterday, the S&P 500 closed at 1,472.
Lee does not believe that stocks will immediately return to the trendline. However, if it does so by 2014, the S&P 500 would be about 850.

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Peter Lee works with UBS Wealth Management Services in New York as the Chief Technical Analyst.

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He has more than 20 years of financial services experience, including 13 years with UBS. He worked as an analyst for PaineWebber, Lehman Brothers, and the American Stock Exchange before joining UBS Wealth Management Research as Chief Technical Analyst. Long-term and short-term technical strategies, market analysis, risk management strategies, and individual stock analysis are all provided by Peter and his technical research team to UBS Financial Advisors.

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“Gold is on the rise,” Lee predicts. “Gold is a fantastic investment. At these rates, we don’t believe it’s speculative.” After adjusting for inflation, Lee believes the most valuable of metals would reach $2,000 per ounce.
When it comes to Silver, Lee believes it will consolidate its multi-year move in a range between the mid-30s and low-40s. These are the levels to watch for a short-term trade, according to him. However, the long-term forecast is for a significant increase in silver prices, with prices potentially reaching $100 per ounce. As far as Peter Lee is concerned, patient investors should only buy it now.
The bottom line, according to Lee, is to buy gold on dips or on any given day. Don’t make it more difficult by attempting to do so in currencies that aren’t denominated in US dollars (e.g. buying gold in Euros as a bet that the Euro will drop faster than the dollar). For liquidity, invest in the SPDR Gold Shares etf ($GLD).

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