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It multiplies the value of ore based on their upgrade counter, which can range from x50k to x5. The biggest upgraders need the smallest upgrade counter, and the smaller upgrades need the highest upgrade counter.
If you want to get the most out of this piece, use an Alien Relic, an Ore Negator, or a Massive Quantum Diamond Cleaner, as they all have the ability to reduce an ore’s upgrade counter. It’s also very quick to get the highest multiplier by using mines that start with a negative upgrade counter (Gargantium Mine, Nightmare, Diamond Breech Loader). Furthermore, placing this item at the start of the setup ensures that ores have the lowest possible upgrade counter, improving the item’s effectiveness even more.

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Two academic superstars and best friends realize on the eve of their high school graduation that they should have worked less and played more. The girls attempt to bundle four years of fun into one night in order to keep up with their peers.
A group of young workers from a shopping mall remain late for a late-night party in one of the stores. The mall’s security system malfunctions, and the robot security system goes on a killing spree before they can get out.
In a college dorm suite, a girl called Alex is mistakenly housed with two guys named Stuart and Eddy. They became friends after some initial difficulties. Stuart has feelings for Alex, Alex has feelings for Eddy, and Eddy has feelings for Stuart. Is it possible?
John Preston is a British agent tasked with stopping the Russians from detonating a nuclear bomb at an American base in the United Kingdom. The Russians are hoping that this would shatter the two countries’ “unique friendship.”
A young man returns home, taken aback by his mother’s wedding announcement, to prevent her from marrying his old high school gym coach, a man who made middle school hell for generations of students.

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Water parks that are enormous. Kingdoms from fairy tales. Obstacle courses that are hidden. In Roblox, a virtual playground designed specifically for kids, there is no limit to the worlds. But where do you begin when there are thousands of games to play? It’s right here! Try these five great games to get a taste of Roblox at its finest. To find them, go to Roblox’s home screen and type in the entire game title, then tap the name and scroll down to make sure the developer listed is the same as the one listed here. (Many Roblox games have names that are similar or identical.)
In this famous game, you can collect and raise cute pets, including dragons, while exploring a magical island. Purchase new clothing, go hiking, relax at a nearby ice cream parlor, or turn your home into a welcoming hangout.
Beginner tip: Managing your pet’s basic needs (eating and sleeping) is the most straightforward way to raise money for cars, toys, and other things. As a fast pit stop, use the school’s pet room’s beds and food bowls.
Build the ultimate roller coaster, set up whirling rides, and set up food stalls—or take a break and visit the parks of other players! Anyone can jump into this game and build an exciting amusement park with hundreds of customization options available right away.

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Simple means “without toppings” in New York-area slang, whereas such a pizza would be referred to as (the redundant) cheese outside of the city. A standard slice (a good parallel with the northeast dialectal, regular coffee, a coffee with cream and sugar) and plain old slice are two other New York options.
Speaking of slices, in New York, you can say, “I’m having a slice,” and everybody will understand. However, “piece of pizza” is preferred elsewhere, and if you tell “slice,” you must qualify it with “of pizza.”
Although it might seem common to say “apple” when referring to a whole pizza to those on the east coast, it is not so for those in other parts of the country. “Pie” was described as “pretentious” and “only something anyone in a movie would say” by west coasters in an informal poll I conducted, whereas those who didn’t use “pie” were described as “heathens” by one Brooklynite. It’s unclear what’s causing this chasm.
People don’t seem to care as much about where they get their pizza as they do about the pizza itself. Pizza place was the most famous in my poll, followed by pizza parlor and, in a close third, pizzeria. Pizza joint received one write-in vote, but no votes for pizza store.

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