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Fabian Thylmann, a German-born software developer, developed NATS (Next-Generation Affiliate Tracking Software) in the late 1990s, which was used to promote pornography through several websites. [requires citation] Mansef was established in 2004 as a holding company for various “thumbnail gallery message” websites and an affiliate network by Concordia University graduates Stephane Manos and Ouissam Youssef (Mansef is a portmanteau of the two surnames). It went on to launch Brazzers and a pornographic production company, among other pay pages. 1st [20] a
Thylmann sold his interest in NATS’ parent company in 2006 and used the proceeds to buy the Privat Amateure website.
[21] a Matt Keezer founded PornHub in 2007 as part of Interhub, which included Mansef as a partner. [20] a Mansef was run as a family business, with many of the company managers being linked to one another; however, Manos, Youssef, and Keezer later decided to sell the businesses in order to pursue other opportunities. (#22) Thylmann acquired three more websites between 2006 and 2010: MyDirtyHobby, Webcams, and Xtube. [1] In August 2007, the domain name was first registered. [number 23]

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Rachel discovered photos of herself in the archive. Images of naked people. Sexually suggestive pictures Some of the pictures were ones she had reluctantly agreed to let her husband take and thought were just for his eyes. Others were images of someone else’s nude body, rather than photos of her. The photos had been sorted into files, cropped, and manipulated in various ways.
She looked up “How to do a reverse image search” on the internet and found something terrifying: the images had been posted on two separate pornographic websites. She hovered her mouse over the username to see who had posted it. Rachel claims she saw a picture of her ex-husband.
Rachel looked up her husband’s username on the internet. It resulted in a video being posted to Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic website. It shows her in her own bed, clearly unconscious, in that video. She claims she can see her husband’s hands reaching in to move, touch, and sexually harass her. “While sleeping” and “sleeping pills” are two of the video names.
“I’m not even aware of my surroundings. She informs W5 that she “doesn’t move.” “You can tell from the video that there was no consent.” Rachel double-checked the upload date. It was from the year 2017. That means she didn’t find it until it had been online for three years. That meant Rachel was still married to her ex at the time it was written.

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MPs on the Ethics and Privacy Committee found several cases in recent months where non-consensual pornographic images of children and women were not deleted from Mind Geek’s website Pornhub despite victims’ requests.
In March, 70 senators and members of parliament from all parties in Canada joined 104 survivors and 525 non-governmental organizations in calling for a thorough inquiry. MPs on the ethics committee hoped for a progress report on April 12, but none arrived.
“I cannot speculate on pending or future inquiries or prosecutions,” Justice Minister David Lametti told the committee, but insisted that “the investigation and prosecution of… sexual harassment offences ultimately falls to my provincial colleagues and counterparts.”
“It is the RCMP’s duty to confirm or deny the existence of an inquiry. And, frankly, I’d be worried that disclosing details would jeopardize their effectiveness,” he said.
“Sure, but a yes or no, of course, doesn’t compromise anything,” Stubbs responded. It will simply reassure Canadians that government officials and law enforcement have responded to this horrific crime.”

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