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MindGeek (then known as Manwin) purchased the business in March 2010, and it also operates a number of other pornographic websites. The platform is accessible worldwide, but some nations, including India, mainland China, the Philippines, and Pakistan, have blocked it. It sells virtual reality porn and hosts the Pornhub Awards every year, among other things. Pornhub is the world’s tenth most visited website, and the third most visited adult website after XVideos and XNXX as of June 2020[update]. [nine]
Pornhub has been accused of hosting non-consensual pornography in the past.
[nine] Some of these events have been criticized by the organization, including the hosting of the high-profile channel Girls Do Porn, which was shut down in 2019 after a complaint and accusations of sex trafficking. [nine] [nine] (12) (#13) (#14) Payment processors Mastercard and Visa cut their ties with Pornhub in December 2020, following a New York Times report about the site. Pornhub deleted all videos from unverified users on December 14, 2020. (15) This reduced the number of videos from 13 million to 4 million. [number 16]

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Pornhub, the leading adult video platform, revealed this week that it has taken the extraordinary step of deleting millions of user-uploaded images. The move comes after a New York Times opinion piece alleging that the web is “infested with rape videos.”
Last week, Pornhub revealed that it would restrict uploads to only confirmed users. According to Motherboard, the service has now removed all videos not submitted by current partners or participants of its Model program from the web. Pornhub will conduct a review of suspended content early next year.
The New York Times published accounts of graphic exploitation, some of which were firsthand. Nicholas Kristof wrote, “I don’t see why search engines, banks, or credit card companies should support a business that monetizes sexual assaults on children or unconscious women.” “If PayPal will avoid working with Pornhub, American Express, Mastercard, and Visa can, too.”

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You can browse and check for a performer in a number of ways. Simply type the name of the artist you’re searching for into the search box and hit the search button. We’ll send you a list of the nearest matches if the name isn’t an exact match to an artist. If you’re searching for a particular type of performer, you can use the search box to look up performer descriptions using any keywords. You may also look at the extensive list of Categories on the left side of the page to find an artist that matches your preferences. Simply click on the link of your choosing, and we’ll pull up a list of performers that fit your requirements. Our Advanced Quest is the most thorough way to find an artist. Simply click the Search link in the navigation bar at the top of the page to conduct a search on almost any subject you might imagine. Choose as many or as few characteristics as you like, and we’ll show you all of the performers that fit your criteria, starting with the closest matches. Before sending your search, check the “Exact matches only” box to the right of the Search button if you’re looking for an exact match.

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Pornhub is a popular pornographic website that features a variety of adult videos organized by category. It is one of the most popular adult websites, with subscribers from all over the world. Pornhub’s headquarters are in Montreal, which is in the Canadian province of Quebec. It also has offices and servers in other countries, all of which are dedicated to meeting the needs of people who want to watch high-quality videos. In addition to English, the pornographic website is available in other languages. The website offers options for those working in the adult industry to make a good living.
Matt Keezer worked for Interhub Company as a web developer and created an internet pornography website. It was first broadcast on May 25, 2007, to meet the needs of audiences. However, due to weak marketing strategies, it was unable to gain traction in the marketplace. Interhub was acquired by MindGeek, a Canadian corporation, in 2010, and the pornhub website was developed to host videos on the internet. It is currently ranked as the best of the top ten pornographic websites in the world, allowing users to watch videos on the internet.

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