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Power trade media

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The most important source of knowledge for decision-makers in the heating industry. The international version of EUROHEAT&POWER, which is solely focused on this industry, covers all aspects of the commercial heat supply process chain. The expert reporting represents the most recent science and subject-specific European experience on sector advances, technological advancements, and energy policy and industry trends. EUROHEAT&POWER, the trade journal for combined heat and power (CHP), district heating, and contracting, is a trusted source of knowledge for those involved in district heating, district cooling, or cogeneration. Next Issue Sneak Peek

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It is important that the prediction be as reliable as possible in order to exchange power effectively. For this, we created our own algorithm, which is fed by weather and power grid data as well as real-time data from power exchanges. We’ve become experts in short-term power trading thanks to the combination of this data, our trading skills, and our technology.
Short-term trading is used to boost income for power producers while lowering prices for customers. Both should actively optimize their activities to avoid incurring costs as a result of forecasting errors. With our technology, we can send price signals to electricity producers and customers in real time, at intervals as short as 15 minutes. This gives dispatching producers and customers a much more precise and up-to-date decision base. This is because the device can be changed 96 times a day, once every quarter of an hour, and the assets’ available versatility, or change capacity, can be turned into a cost-effective process.

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Church Executive Magazine is the go-to business resource for America’s largest churches’ senior ministers, executive pastors, and administrators. Church Executive reaches 37,500 of the country’s most powerful church leaders, presenting targeted special interest topics such as:
Power Trade Media, LLC, a business-to-business publishing company that serves two broad business-to-business market sectors through a diverse range of integrated print and digital media products and services, publishes Church Executive Magazine bimonthly.
BUSRide Magazine, one of the leading trade publications in the North American bus and motorcoach industries for nearly 50 years, is also published by Power Trade Media. BUSRide provides extensive coverage of the individuals, goods, facilities, and problems facing this diverse and ever-changing industry, with a reach of more than 35,000 motorcoach, transit, paratransit, school bus, community transportation, and shuttle bus owners, operators, administrators, and managers.

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This policy brief examines how social media can aid in the renewal of trade union collective action and the strengthening of the labor movement’s mobilization potential. It examines two recent union-led campaigns in the United States: ‘OUR Walmart’ and ‘Fight for 15′, to show how social media can improve campaigning activities. Both campaigns used social media extensively and won unexpected and important wins on minimum wage rises and improved working conditions. While the potential advantages of social media for union campaigns are important, there are a number of requirements that must be met in order for them to be effective, and the brief also warns about the drawbacks and risks of these emerging technologies.
The development of a European minimum wage policy has resurfaced as a political priority. Previously, the debate over a European minimum wage policy was largely divorced from national trends, but more recently, the debate has been focused on numerous national-level proposals to guarantee a living wage that allows workers and their families to…

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