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Provider in french

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• University education: background in translations (German-English), technical and commercial subjects• Knowledge of Germany and German politics as well as the European Community • Frequent user of internet services and familiarity with MS Office• Proactive and extrovert individual, open-minded, highly fl

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France is one of Europe’s largest e-commerce markets. In 2017, the French spent $1,463 USD per capita online and $14,339 USD in physical stores. E-commerce is projected to expand at an annual rate of about 8% until 2022. In the next few years, the existing m-commerce market will nearly double, accounting for more than a third of all e-commerce by 2020.
Consumers in France shop online in other countries, especially neighboring countries such as Germany (41%), the United Kingdom (29%), and Belgium (29%). (15 percent ). Some French customers also buy online from American and Chinese stores across the ocean.
More than half of all purchases are made with a credit card. Debit cards are used for the vast majority of these transactions. Credit cards, on the other hand, have battled back in the last two years thanks to low interest rate policies. Credit card customers are now offered favorable terms by banks vying for their company. Interchange policies have also contributed to credit cards’ growing popularity, as interchange fee limits for credit cards are higher. Furthermore, the widespread use of 3D Secure technologies aided in the popularization of card payments and contactless payments by alleviating consumers’ security concerns.

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Employees from the EU, EEA, or Switzerland can operate under the same conditions as French nationals, with no additional administrative procedures. For arrivals after January 1, 2021, British people must now apply for a residency permit as outlined below. The French-Algerian agreement covers Algerian citizens; please see the separate fact sheet for more details.
Under a subcontracting arrangement, a foreign company without a presence in France can temporarily post its employees on French territory to perform a service. The subordinate relationship with the employer based outside of France is retained.

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Machine translation (MT) and post-edited MT are becoming increasingly common, both among localization managers and translators looking to speed up their software translation processes. Since translators are often compensated by the term, a higher performance while maintaining high translation quality is often desirable.
Assume you’re translating a language pair that all four machine translation providers support. You do need to figure out which service can produce the best performance, in terms of semantically accurate translations that fit your tone of voice and are the quickest to post-edit for human translators.
Make a test collection of your product’s content. Allow translators to compare the source material and machine translations from all available MT providers in a blind test to see which one provides the best foundation for their post-editing process.
There are several methods for determining the quality of machine-translated text, including BLEU, TER, and HTER, to name a few. The post-editing score system, which calculates the share of content that has been translated correctly and remained unchanged during post-editing, is a relatively simple one that you can apply to your own content in no time. The higher the post-editing score, the better the machine translation efficiency.

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