Publicity in a sentence

Publicity in a sentence

Prejudice in a sentence

The attendants are those who are present in the courtroom (the people that are there) Publicity refers to drawing attention to something (in this case, the trial). Hence, “a trial with all the associated publicity” indicates that the trial will be available to the general public. @kazureiyuri-HOTARU @kazureiyuri-HOTARU @kazureiyuri-HOTARU The coverage of a product or event is referred to as publicity. When I hear this, I think of celebrities in the news.)Advertisement is when a product or event is promoted to the public through the media. (When I hear this, I think of commercials.) The restaurant closed due to the negative publicity. I saw a McDonald’s commercial and now I’m hungry.
Publicity, in my opinion, is simply attempting to raise awareness that something exists or is a problem.
In public relations, an organization or agency collaborates with or communicates with outside sources (the general public) to manage their brand.
Promotion is similar to publicity, in that it strives for a return/expected payoff.
For example, suppose a YouTuber makes a clickbait video and spends a lot of money to make it go viral; this is a publicity stunt.
2) A business may be considered a second-best brand (tortilla chips vs. cheetos), so they hire someone to work with the public to better understand what they can do better; this is public relations.
For example, if a group of idols wants their next album to sell well, they communicate with the public and establish a good relationship; this is promotion.

Publicity synonym

You may have memorized words like: English meaning of the word “publicity” when you first started learning English; however, now that you have a better understanding of the language, there is a better way for you to learn the meaning of “publicity” through sentence examples.
In English, both of the sections of speech are used to construct sentences. The subject and the verb are both present in any sentence (this is also known as the predicate). The person or thing who does something or is mentioned in the sentence is the subject. The action taken by the person or thing, or the definition of the person or thing, is the verb. A sentence isn’t complete unless it has a subject and a verb (for example, in the sentence “Went to Bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).
There is at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause in a complex sentence containing the word “publicity.” Dependent clauses may refer to the independent clause’s subject (who, which), sequence/time (since, while), or causal elements (because, if).

Publicity meaning

The right of courts to weigh publicity at sentencing can be traced back to Title 18, United States Code, Section 3553(a), which lists a number of factors that district courts must consider when imposing a sentence, including “the essence and circumstances of the crime and the defendant’s background and characteristics.” “The need for the penalty imposed—to afford sufficient deterrent of criminal conduct” is one of the considerations district courts must consider.
Courts have long interpreted Section 3553(a) to require that both the need for “unique deterrence” and the need for “general deterrence” be considered. According to U.S. District Judge Jack B. Weinstein, “specific deterrence” refers to the degree to which a punishment can “persuade [the] convict to resist more criminal behavior,” while “the principle of general deterrence is that imposing a penalty on one person will show to others the risks of committing a crime, thereby discouraging criminal behavior” in the society.

Treacherous in a sentence

Despite an expensive promotional campaign, the new play’s ticket sales were so low that it only lasted two weeks.

Violence in a sentence

(A) it was so bad that it only lasted two weeks(B) it was so bad that it only lasted two weeks(C) it was so bad that it only lasted two weeks(D) it was so bad that it only lasted two weeks

Publicity definition

(E) was so bad that it only closed after two weeks, IMO D.

Public relations in a sentence

I believe we need the phrase “was closed” since play cannot close itself.

Publicity examples

Between B and D, I’ll go with D because it emphasizes that sales were extremely low, while B emphasizes that sales were only low enough.

Publicity in a sentence of the moment

I’d appreciate it if you could share the OA.
despite an expensive promotional campaign, ticket sales for the new play were so low that it only lasted two weeks. aaron22197 wrote:
A)it was so bad that it only lasted two weeks before closing.
B)it was so bad that it was shut down after just two weeks.
C)was so bad that it only lasted two weeks before closing.
D)was so bad that it was shut down after just two weeks.
E)so bad that it only lasted two weeks before closing
as a result (adj) of (noun)C,D -remain
It is impossible for the game to end on its own. It makes sense to say “was closed.” D

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