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Selection of the best rape is a special kind of evil

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– It’s sex; it’s classified as forbidden sexual arousal, which combines the two issues of sex and abuse into a single polluted act. In terms of movie scenes, I believe there is a subconscious belief that all sex scenes serve a fan service purpose, and that a sex scene with/arousal directed at a weeping, objectified woman is more perverse than these directed at almost anything else. It’s feared that it’ll be enjoyed for the wrong reasons.
– Its connection to dismantling equality is too near for comfort; I’m not sure “prison rape” fits into this mindset. Since a man against a woman is the default imagined scene when you say “rape,” it doesn’t have the same ring to it as murder and torture, which aren’t imagined as things men do to women, whites do to blacks, straights do to homosexuals, or any other injustice that breeds aggression. Rape is always committed for the purpose of domination, but it feeds more than just one person’s dominance over another in positions that could easily be reversed; it often feeds the dominance of one group over another. I’m not saying it’s a hate crime, but it comes dangerously close to feeding the beast of dehumanizing an entire community while bolstering the perpetrator’s group’s perceived supremacy. I believe there is a fear of turning back the clock on this subject if we handle it the same way we treat murder.

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Then there’s this, and then there’s the Sexy Discretion Shot. So you’re a big-shot Hollywood producer who wants to show his viewers that rape is a unique form of evil, but you don’t want them to see the rape. So, how do you go about it?
You put the rape in anyway, but you’re careful not to reveal it onscreen. What audience the film makers are aiming at, or, more cynically, what MPAA rating the film makers are willing to take, will determine how much of the preliminaries the audience sees. However, enough will be shown to make it clear what is about to happen; the rapist(s) will make their intentions clear in their speech and behavior, and the victim(s) will make their non-consent clear as well (a Scream Discretion Shot may be invoked).
Abuse (hitting the victim, knocking them down) may be portrayed in works with more gritty realism, and some of the victim’s clothes may be ripped and/or discarded before the action leaves the scene. Just before the cutaway, the viewer can see the rapist unfasten their belt and/or pants, or remove whatever else they are wearing. It is possible to gain discretion by letting the rapist take the victim to a different room (perhaps a bedroom or some other place with furnishings to facilitate sex, thus being a further indication of coming events). Alternatively, the camera will pan away to another character’s reaction or a different perspective, or the shot will end and another will begin immediately.

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Rape culture is a sociological term that describes a situation in which rape is common and normalized as a result of social attitudes toward gender and sexuality.

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[1][2][3][4][5][6][ Victim blaming, slut-shaming, sexual objectification, trivializing abuse, denial of systemic rape, refusing to recognize the damage caused by sexual assault, or any variation of these are all common behaviors associated with rape culture. [three] [number four] It has been used to characterize and justify actions within social classes, such as prison rape and war rape used as psychological warfare in conflict zones. Rape cultures have been said to exist in whole communities. (5) [number six] [nine] [eight] [nine] Rape fantasies and rape pornography are synonymous with it.
Beginning in the 1970s, second-wave feminists, especially in the United States, introduced the concept of rape culture. Critics of the term argue that it is too restrictive and that, while there are societies where rape is prevalent, the concept of rape culture may mean that the perpetrator is not at fault, but rather the environment that facilitates rape.

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Rape is not just bad; it’s a qualitatively different degree of evil in many works of literature, particularly situations of rape as drama. As a result, a rape scene can serve as a Kick the Dog moment for an especially evil character, or as the point at which a character who was previously just dislikeable crosses the Moral Event Horizon into monster territory.
Not only is rape a game changer for almost all of the characters, but it’s also a game changer for the author. Many monsters in stories and Crapsack Worlds don’t commit rape, despite the fact that their character suggests they might, will, or should. Rape is often held “off record” or otherwise something that happened in the past, or is only hinted at once and then forgotten. When rape appears in a novel, it instantly plunges it into the deepest and most edgy pit of all that is Darker and Edgier. If they don’t depict the rape in a dark enough light, Values Dissonance (and therefore the harshest audience criticism) can result.

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