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Rare pepe gif

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Pepe the Frog (/ppe/) is a green anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body who has become a famous Internet meme. Pepe first appeared in Matt Furie’s Boy’s Club comic in 2005. [two] When its influence spread gradually through Myspace, Gaia Online, and 4chan in 2008, it became an Internet phenomenon. It became one of the most famous memes on 4chan and Tumblr by 2015. [three] “Sad Frog,” “Smug Frog,” “Angry Pepe,” “Feels Frog,” and “You will never…” Frog are all different forms of Pepe. Since 2014, “Rare Pepes” have been traded as trading cards on the “meme market.” [number four] (5) [6] In the 2010s, the character’s image was appropriated by both the alt-right and white nationalists as a symbol of the alt-right movement. [7] Pepe was added to the Anti-Defamation League’s hate symbol database in 2016, but most instances of Pepe were not used in a hate-related sense, according to the organization. [eight] [9] Since then, Furie has expressed his displeasure with Pepe’s use as a hate symbol and has filed lawsuits against those who do so. [7] During the 2019–20 Hong Kong demonstrations, demonstrators used Pepe. Pepe the Frog’s use in Hong Kong is not associated with alt-right politics, despite the fact that it is used in a political sense. The use of Pepe by Hong Kong demonstrators has been welcomed by Furie.

When your favorite streamer sees your post – peepo

Pepe the Frog is a common Internet meme based on a cartoon character (often referred to as the “sad frog meme” by people unfamiliar with the name of the character). In 2005, the character made his first appearance in the online cartoon Boy’s Club. “Feels fine, man,” the character said for the first time in that appearance. Pepe the Frog was not created with racist or anti-Semitic connotations in mind. The character was appropriated and made into a meme by internet users, who put the frog in a variety of situations and said a variety of things. The phenomenon of so-called “rare Pepes” arose as a result of several variants of the meme becoming increasingly esoteric.
The bulk of Pepe the Frog’s applications have been and continue to be non-biased. However, as the meme spread on sites like 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit, where many people enjoy making racist memes and imagery, a subset of Pepe memes based on racist, anti-Semitic, or other bigoted themes arose.

Pepe vs. wojak; the final fight

Rare Pepes are one-of-a-kind drawings and photoshops of Pepe the Frog that are ostensibly valued as trade cards due to their relative scarcity on the internet. Rare Pepes have been regularly listed by users on other online marketplaces since a set was placed for sale on eBay in March 2015.
Users on 4chan’s /r9k/ (robot9000) board started referring to original Pepe the Frog illustrations and photoshops as “Rare Pepes” in October 2014, posting the “rare” photographs of Pepe as if they were trading cards, some of which were posted with watermarks to maintain their value (shown below).
An anonymous 4chan user admitted to stockpiling “rare Pepe” photos in order to “flood the market” and depreciate their value in a thread posted to the /r9k/[2] board on March 28th, 2015. (shown below).
On March 31st, a post to /r9k/[3] was made highlighting an Imgur gallery[15] with over 1,200 Pepe photos. The gallery got over 260,000 views in its first week. The series of Pepe photos was classified on eBay in early April and sold for $99,166 before being removed from the site (shown below).

Xqc reacts to memes made by viewers – reddit recap #146

Don’t be fooled by the media! We want your groypers, your crappy MS Paint art, and even decent art…. but please, OC…. and don’t come with some cthulhu image and say it’s a pepe…. we’re dumb, but not that much….
Yeah, and all the scientists were killed, and we used their bodies to make a fine powder… contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t work like talc or anything like that… It does, however, go well with lasagna and red wine.
Submissions have been halted because scientists have flooded the dankometer with all of the series 30 submissions, and we’ll need to launch an ICO to fund the science lab’s renewal. The full extent of the damage has yet to be determined, but it was all covered by Jamie Dimon’s JP Morgan Chase insurance subsidiaries.
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