Real vision online news

Real vision online news

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Real Vision content features unique in-depth interviews and presentations from some of the sharpest independent analysts, fund managers, geopolitical strategists, economists, and investors, with over 500 videos accessible.
Rather than structured question-and-answer sessions, the Real Vision video-on-demand platform features exclusive peer-to-peer conversations between leading industry figures. A high-level conversation with business perspectives is the product of the long-form content approach.
Raoul Pal, a Goldman Sachs alum and author of The Global Macro Investor analysis service, and Grant Williams, author of “Things that make you go Hmmm” and strategy advisor to Vulpes Investment Management, co-founded the firm.
Real Vision is fully supported by the main professional learning and development bodies and provides CE credits for CFA, CFP, and CISI. It is also an important part of the Cambridge University Judge Business School MFin program’s curriculum, and it has collaborated with The Economist for the MBA Investment Challenge for MBA students around the world.

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Real Vision is making a big splash in the crowded company and financial new space. Following a $5 million Series A round, the company recently raised a $10 million Series B round and is working on a variety of new projects, including Apple TV distribution, a content distribution agreement with Thomson Reuters, and a PBS documentary.
“Unlike other video-based media companies, which believe that short-form video has the highest user interaction, Real Vision has discovered that nearly 70% of customers who start a half-hour or hour-long video will finish it. “This interest in long-form content is pushing the industry to new heights,” said Raoul Pal, co-founder and CEO. “Clickbait and sensationalism are at an all-time high. Traditional financial news has devolved into attention-seeking sound bites that are, at best, of little value and, at worst, dangerous.”
“I bemoaned the state of financial media, lamenting how it had let the average citizen down regularly between 2000 and 2008, treating finance as entertainment rather than taking into account that it was people’s life savings at stake. I was also struck by how much financial programming had progressed in comparison to the fast-paced world of online video. The financial TV incumbents had not changed, despite shifting viewing patterns and content types,” he said. “I decided it was past time for someone to shake up the television industry, especially in terms of financial and business information.”

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Real Vision is an on-demand financial network that provides real-time in-depth analysis from real experts to help its more than 100,000 users understand the dynamic world of economics, industry, and the global economy. Unique in-depth interviews, macro-theme films, and deep dive commentary from some of the world’s smartest hedge fund managers, geopolitical experts, and investors make up the majority of the material (30-90 minutes). Real Vision Crypto, one of the world’s premier cryptocurrency and digital asset video channels, The Exchange, a vibrant online community, and the Crypto Gathering and Festival of Learning online events were all launched in 2020. Real Vision has built a reputation for providing in-depth research and expert advice from some of the world’s most respected experts.

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