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Hello, everybody! This group is pretty new to me (I only joined a minute ago). I’m from Australia, and after years of putting up with Netflix’s boring material (and their originals), I switched to Amazon Prime Video about 9 months ago. All was fantastic, and it continues to be fantastic (since I am with prime video, I get the prime delivery as well). Then they gave me a three-month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited. It was replaced by Spotify. So far, I’m not impressed with the app; I believe I’ve skipped about 200 songs from my Spotify playlists. (I used an app to pass my playlists) and my subscription is about to expire… My question is, should I return to Spotify or are you satisfied with Amazon Music Unlimited? Alternatively, you should only stick with Amazon Music (more of a limited library but might help, still.) Greetings! ten remark 81 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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While Amazon Music isn’t as well-known as Spotify or Apple Music, the service is still rapidly expanding and catching up to its rivals at a pace that might surprise you. Amazon claims that its music service currently has more than 55 million users.
If Amazon wants to catch Spotify, which recently registered 113 million paying customers (and 248 million monthly users overall) back in September, it still has a long way to go. Apple last cited a subscriber count of over 60 million for Apple Music, but Amazon is rapidly eroding that lead. Amazon Music CEO Steve Boom told the Financial Times, “Amazon doesn’t speak numbers too much.” “We thought it was important to talk about how we got to this scale.”
This is due in large part to Amazon Music’s one major advantage: versatility. Amazon Music is divided into many tiers, and the service benefits from the enormous success of Amazon’s Prime membership, which has become a necessity for many people. It’s also well-integrated with Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. Let’s take a look at the few options you have, starting with the most expensive and working our way down to cheap (with ads).

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Many of us have changed the way we listen to music in recent years, switching from physical formats like CDs to streaming platforms like Spotify. We now pay a monthly subscription fee to access music in the cloud, enabling us to listen to millions of songs without having to purchase them. The success of music streaming has skyrocketed, which is unsurprising. Indeed, with an estimated 68 million people paying for a music subscription service worldwide, music streaming is now the industry’s fastest-growing revenue source. Spotify is one of the market’s biggest players, but it’s facing stiff competition, particularly now that Amazon has launched its own music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited. Is it possible for the tech behemoth to dethrone Spotify? Let’s weigh the advantages and disadvantages… (Photo courtesy of Spotify) The current situation
Spotify’s unique selling point is music recommendations. Its common ‘Discover Weekly’ feature uses AI and machine learning to create a playlist of 30 songs that are important to your listening habits – and it’s remarkably accurate. Spotify also sends out a two-hour ‘Release Radar’ playlist on Fridays, which features brand-new music and remixes. The more you listen, the more the advice will be tailored to your preferences. READ MORE: Spotify’s latest Release Radar feature aims to introduce you to new music. ‘Browse’ (the streaming service), ‘My Music’ (your local and cloud library), and ‘Store’ are the three main parts of Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon’s algorithms suggest music based on your listening preferences, while the tech giant’s in-house ‘Music Experts’ curate thousands of playlists. In the end, Music Unlimited’s discovery features are adequate, but Spotify’s are superior. *Result: Spotify comes out on top*Sound quality

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What music streaming service, on the other hand, is best for you? What features do you need, and what are the various premium subscription options available? What is the duration of the free trial, and what are the benefits? Which is less expensive, and how do you get a discount if you subscribe?
Apple Music provides consumers with access to 45 million songs as well as high-quality music. It also comes with a three-month free trial on most iPhones, bringing the total number of subscribers to about 56 million. Apple Music supports 256kbps AAC streaming.
Amazon Music Unlimited is the company’s answer to Apple Music and Spotify, while Prime Music is the edition of the company’s music app that comes with an Amazon Prime membership. Amazon Music Unlimited offers ad-free access to 40 million tracks that can be downloaded and listened to anywhere.
Amazon Prime Music is a two-million-song streaming service available with an Amazon Prime membership, which costs £79 per year. When you buy an Amazon Echo smartspeaker, you can also get a free Amazon Music Unlimited Echo offer. Only the Echo is available at the special price of £3.99.

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