Reddit why not a source

Reddit why not a source

I will get in trouble for this (not good) /r/cursedcomments #58

In December 2019, Reddit accounted for less than 1% of all social media website traffic in the United States, but the platform remained one of the most popular social networks in terms of visits. Reddit, a discussion website founded in 2005, allows users to aggregate news by posting links and allowing other users to vote and comment on them. Thousands of subreddits (subforums) on a broad variety of topics are accessible. The AMA (Ask Me Something) subreddit is one of the most common, where celebrities, public figures, or people in unusual positions post threads where other Reddit users can ask them something. Bill Gates returned for his eighth AMA in 2020, and the post received over 87,000 upvotes, making it the year’s second most famous AMA.
In the United States, younger online users are more likely to use Reddit. Reddit was used by 22 percent of internet users aged 18 to 29 years and 14 percent of users aged 30 to 49 years, according to a February 2019 poll. However, as people get older, the social platform’s reach decreases dramatically. In addition, although about 15% of male adults in the United States use Reddit, only 8% of female adults do.

Gamestop stock short squeeze: reddit traders take gme on a

Things began to go south on the backend as traffic to the subreddit reached an all-time high on Wednesday. Key moderator tools actually stopped working sometime in the afternoon, according to someone familiar with the situation.
The framework that allows subreddit moderators to connect with other redditors, Modmail, has gone down. Furthermore, administrators on r/wallstreetbets have lost the right to block users (including spammers). Following these issues, r/wallstreetbets was forced to switch to an invite-only subreddit, possibly in an attempt to stop the flood of new users.
“As a result of the renewed interest in WSB, we are experiencing unparalleled technical difficulties. Without a technology framework that can automate this compliance, we won’t be able to ensure that Reddit’s content policy and WSB rules are followed.”
Discord allegedly banned the server affiliated with r/wallstreetbets on Wednesday due to a lack of moderation — specifically, allegedly “continuing to allow hateful and racist material despite multiple warnings.”

Former sec lawyer on reddit revolution

People have formed new governments for a variety of purposes throughout history: to strengthen alliances, extend empires, or protect individual liberties.

Casually explained: reddit

Marc Beaulac had a sweater-related issue.

Ccna reddit doesn’t like me (my reaction)

It was about the age-old workplace controversy between men who like the air conditioning turned up and women who prefer it turned down. “The next stage of this debate, in my opinion, should be me asking, ‘Why don’t you wear a sweater?’” Beaulac, a New England-based photographer by day, was aware that it was a sensitive topic and avoided “mansplaining.” So, in 2013, he went to Reddit, a vast network of interest-based discussion sites, and started a new community (or “subreddit”) to get feedback on whether it would be impolite to ask anyone his sweater question directly.
Self-government issues are woven into the fabric of the internet. Early technological advances were driven by an open-access, do-it-yourself “hacker ethos,” although John Perry Barlow’s influential “Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace” called for cyber-libertarianism during the dot-com boom of the 1990s, and recent developments in encryption, crowdsourcing, and distributed networks have attempted to bake democratic principles directly into the infrastructure of new platforms.

Pat mcafee reacts to wallstreetbets reddit pushing stocks

My favorite method of accessing Reddit is via the mobile website. It allows me to quickly scan a few of my favorite subreddits to see what’s trending. It also helps me control my screen time because I’m not normally logged in; you can only scroll down so far in comment threads until Reddit asks you to enter your username and password. That tells me I’ve scrolled far enough and it’s time to move on.
However, I have one major gripe with the mobile site: it continuously shoves a huge banner in my face, urging me to abandon everything and download the app instead. Here’s a photo of the banner I took with my phone, which you might remember:
This isn’t a new solution; TNW covered it in November 2018, and you’ll have to turn the prompt off again if you uninstall your browsing history or visit Reddit in incognito mode. My mobile Reddit browsing experience has already improved as a result of this easy tweak. I hope it will do the same for you.

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