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The debate took place on the r/IAmA page, which is a subreddit dedicated to collaborative question-and-answer interviews known as “AMA” or “Ask me Something.” These discussions will be hosted by prominent personalities such as Bill Gates, who will directly communicate with customers.
According to a Fidelity Investments spokeswoman, that was also their intention. In an email, a spokeswoman for Fidelity said, “Fidelity frequently connects with customers where they are to answer questions and collect input.” “As interest in our platform grows, this AMA is an example of that approach.”
Before the live AMA, Fidelity posted a picture of host Gregg Murphy, Fidelity Investments senior vice president of brokerage products, holding a sign announcing the AMA on its Twitter account, u/fidelityinvestments. The image came with a connection to Fidelity’s educational trading tips and resources. Users may learn about stock trading, get started trading with Fidelity, and understand fractional shares by clicking on the links.
Following Fidelity’s initial announcement of the AMA on Monday, more than 1,300 comments from Reddit members, known as Redditors, flooded the discussion. However, remarks comparing Fidelity’s mobile app interface to Robinhood’s overshadowed trading education.

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On February 18, 2021, the United States House of Representatives’ Committee on Financial Services held a virtual hearing with the title “Is the game over? When short sellers, social media, and retail investors collide, who wins and who loses?” The hearing will concentrate on “recent market fluctuations affecting GameStop [Corporation (GME)] stock and other stocks,” according to the announcement. Representative Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who chairs the committee, expressed specific concern about hedge funds, “predatory short selling,” “private funds engaged in vulture tactics,” and gamification in a statement released on Jan. 28, 2021, in the aftermath of the GameStop stock trading controversy. Payment for order flow (PFOF) and best execution responsibilities were later raised in the committee memorandum published ahead of the meeting.

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After freezing trades for GameStop on Jan. 28, the famous investing app Robinhood became the center of the controversy. The stock of the video game store soared after traders on Reddit started purchasing the company’s stock in a frenzy. Since then, GameStop’s stock has plummeted, only to rise again. When a group of Reddit users saw a chance to make money while also making a dig at Wall Street and hedge funds, Robinhood was instrumental. However, Robinhood made the unexpected decision to limit GameStop purchases, citing concerns about volatile stock and regulatory requirements. Robinhood has been scrutinized by its customers, regulators, and lawmakers as a result of its position in the trading frenzy.
We are limiting transactions for some stocks, including $AMC and $GME, to place closing only due to current market uncertainty. More information can be found here. CdJMjGAeFH — January 28, 2021, Robinhood (@RobinhoodApp)
Axos, the clearing broker that handles our transactions, has temporarily suspended purchases of $AMC and $NOK. This was not a decision made by Cash App, and we strongly oppose it. We anticipate making these stocks available for purchase as soon as possible. February 2, 2021 — Cash App (@CashApp)

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On Thursday, Vlad Tenev, the founder of retail stock trading app Robinhood, told a House Committee that “the financial system should be open to everyone,” including irrational GameStop and AMC Entertainment buyers sparked by a Reddit chatroom.
He apologised profusely for forcing the app to ban share transactions as a result of a funding rule – a temporary limitation that was the subject of today’s five-hour hearing. The stock market plummeted, and some Robinhood users lost their money.
WallStreetBets “can look sophomoric or chaotic from the outside,” Reddit CEO and co-founder Steve Huffman said, “but the fact that we are here today means that it has managed to raise important questions about fairness and opportunity in our financial system.” I’m proud they do it on Reddit.” He claims that no bots or foreign agents influenced his stock purchases of GameStop, AMC Entertainment, and other companies, and he sees no problem with anonymous users exchanging investment advice.
The morality play/financial primer was lawmakers’ first attempt to point out the nice, the poor, and the ugly in a Wall Street trading phenomenon. Individual day traders, not funds or large corporations, are driving what has been dubbed a populist revolt. There are an increasing number of similar film and television ventures in the works.

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