Rolex trade in program

Rolex trade in program

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We will e-mail you a pre-paid, fully insured UPS shipping label for all watches you intend to sell once you have approved our offer range. Securely prepare your timepiece(s), affix the sticker to the exterior of the shipping box, and drop it off at a UPS Facility or a UPS Store near you. Please click here to find your nearest UPS Customer Center.
Yes, indeed. We will cover your watch for the full amount available under our insurance policy. In the unlikely case that your watch is damaged as a result of the shipping carrier, you will be compensated to the full extent of the law.
The current demand in the pre-owned marketplace determines the value of your watch. We can create a fair and competitive value for any timepiece using our comprehensive knowledge of the watch industry. We always do our utmost to provide you with the best value for your timepiece, so please let us know if you’ve got a better deal elsewhere.
Yes, indeed. You can trade in your watch for store credit worth 20% more than the watch’s value in one of our shops. This can be applied to a new or licensed pre-owned timepiece. Please locate the store that is closest to you.

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Hundreds of dials are refinished on a monthly basis, which means we are still on the lookout for genuine Rolex dials. However, the majority of the dials we purchase have been scratched by watchmakers, have water damage, or have been sun damaged. It has no bearing on the quality of our final product, but it does influence how much we are willing to pay for the dials.
Please only give us your Rolex dial if it is genuine and you agree to our exchange rate. Your Rolex dial can be worth more than what we can give you on occasion. Additionally, keeping all of the original parts for your Rolex is still a smart idea in case you wish to sell it.

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It’s a fair question to wonder why Rolex is still so popular after nearly a century, particularly when there are so many other excellent watch brands available. A Rolex is hand-assembled in part and machine-assembled in part, and there are definitely more inexpensive watches that are ostensibly just as accurate, handsome, and durable. So, how does Rolex maintain its dominance in the Swiss mechanical watch market? On the surface, it appears that Rolex has easily retained its place as one of today’s most recognizable status symbols, transcending cultures and geography to become a truly global brand. It’s difficult to watch a tennis match, yachting regatta, auto race, or golf tournament without seeing the Rolex crown, and prominent actors, singers, and politicians all wear Rolexes on a regular basis. It’s difficult to walk through a major airport without seeing a Rolex clock, which serves as a constant reminder of the brand’s ubiquity.
Rolex’s brand cachet certainly drives some sales, but it doesn’t take into account the fact that Rolex watches, old and new, are a remarkably good value and extremely well made. When all of Rolex’s proprietary mechanical technology, cutting-edge materials, and timeless designs are taken into account, the company has always created outstanding watches that are less costly than their counterparts from other brands (with Omega billed as a perennial exception). At first sight, the solid value of a Rolex is difficult to see (they are definitely not cheap), but after shopping around for alternatives, most people conclude that Rolex is doing it right — including, in some cases, pricing. Rolex’s steel sports watches have a higher perceived value than many others, which has made them extremely difficult to procure.

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When you sell your Rolex to us, you can rest assured that you’ll get the best price and quality. We make the procedure simple and stress-free for you. Fill out our free quote form with information about the Rolex watch you want to sell, and we’ll get back to you within a few days with a bid. When you sell your Rolex with us, our team of experts is constantly analyzing data from various sources, including auctions, forums, and our marketplace, to provide you with the most accurate price. There’s no harm, and there’s no commitment.
Rolex watches are among the most popular luxury timepieces, and their good reputation has led to a relatively high resale value. Before selling your Rolex watch, you should know the model number because it will tell you the year, materials, and movement of the timepiece. The state of your watch, as well as the condition of the mechanism, is important. The presence of the box and authentication papers will also add to the value of your timepiece.

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