Ron paul its happening

Ron paul its happening

Former congressman ron paul on the fed, the market and

Ronald Ernest Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American author, physician, and retired politician who represented Texas’ 22nd congressional district from 1976 to 1977 and again from 1979 to 1985, as well as Texas’ 14th congressional district from 1997 to 2013. He ran for President of the United States three times: in 1988 as the Libertarian Party’s nominee, and in 2008 and 2012 as a Republican Party candidate. Paul, a self-described constitutionalist, opposes the federal government’s monetary policies, especially the Federal Reserve’s presence and tax policy, as well as the military–industrial complex, the war on drugs, and the war on terror. He’s also a vocal foe of mass surveillance measures like the USA PATRIOT Act and NSA spying programs. He is known as the “intellectual godfather” of the Tea Party movement, a fiscally conservative political movement that is strongly opposed to any forms of interventionism. He was the first chairman of the conservative PAC Citizens for a Sound Economy, a free-market organization focusing on limited government. [number four] (5)

Montlygon – it’s happening (ft. dr ron paul)

Extra Credits: Vinesauce Lil Nas X’s “Montero” / Satan Shoes The Challenge of Chapstick (NSFW) #StopAsianHate Fluffy Ponies #IArmTheFool Based and Redpilled Thundercats Roar Luigi is victorious despite doing nothing.
Doom Paul is a compilation of picture macros and animated GIFs starring Ron Paul, an American physician. Originally created to mock what would happen if Ron Paul did not win the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, the photos have since been used to mock future events, suggesting that their arrival would have dystopian implications. “It’s Happening!” is a popular catchphrase used in conjunction with Doom Paul image macros.
After losing the 2008 Republican nomination, a user on 4chan’s /new/ (news) board posted the first doom paul image in 2009, with the quotes “All is lost” and “I told you so.” The user said that the end of the world was approaching and that these were the last days. After the creator, Moot, became tired of the bigotry on the group, 4chan quickly removed the /new/ board. For a short time, the meme was lost, but it was quickly revived on and its backup /new/ board. Many of the pictures were produced and stored there. Until Moot, the organizer, felt bad and recreated the /new/ board, renaming it /pol/ this time (Politically incorrect). The photos were quickly re-posted on the newly formed /pol/.

It’s happening

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“ron paul” — a blr soundbite

Doom Paul is a list of image macros that first appeared on the 4chan board /pol/. Doom Paul images usually show Republican Ron Paul with a shabby photoshop filter and the words “It’s happening” or “You should have prevented this.” It’s also pretty much the only meme produced by /pol/ “OMG THE JOOZ ARE TAKEN OVER OMG RON PAUL WILL SAVE US BUT YOU SHEEP ARE TOO BRAINWASHED TO UNDERSTAND OMG THE JOOZ ARE TAKING OVER ANTI RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI WHITE. ZIONISM IS EVIL “/pol/ lurker February 12, 20122657 /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker /pol/ lurker

Ron paul – it’s happening (where it came from)

Extra Credits: Vinesauce Lil Nas X’s “Montero” / Satan Shoes The Challenge of Chapstick (NSFW) #StopAsianHate Fluffy Ponies #IArmTheFool Based and Redpilled Thundercats Roar Luigi is victorious despite doing nothing.
Ron Paul (born August 20, 1935) is an American physician and politician who served as the United States Representative for Texas from 1976 to 2013 and was a Republican presidential candidate in 2012.
After ten terms as a Texas representative, Ron Paul declared his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on March 12th, 2007. Over the course of one day, November 5th, 2007, Paul supporters raised $4.3 million online and $200,000 over the phone, thanks to a grassroots campaign[14]. (15) The case, which was organized in October 2007 through YouTube and, was dubbed a “money bomb”[16], a fixed time of fundraising intended to massively inflate a candidate’s campaign assets. The New York Times[17], ABC News[18], and CNN all covered this world-record-breaking incident.

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