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Defendant’s motion for a stay of proceedings is currently before the Court. The Court grants the motion and enters the following Order after considering the parties’ submissions and hearing oral argument.
B. As a royalty, LAP would earn $0.10 per yard of LAP’s designs printed by Royal, which would be added first to LAP’s unpaid balance; and C. After the balance was paid off, Royal would continue to use the LAP designs at the royalty rate of $0.10 per yard and pay LAP accordingly.

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Andrew V Jablon, Resch Polster and Berger LLP, Andrew Kim, Law Office of Andrew Kim, and Michael E Byerts, Resch Polster and Berger LLP are representing Royal Printex, Inc., a California company, as Plaintiff.
Plaintiff’s motion for remand and penalties is currently before the Court. (16. Dkt.) The Court GRANTS IN PART the motion and REMANDS the case, but Rejects the motion for sanctions for the reasons mentioned below.
LAP used to own and run textile printing equipment. (See Compl. 2.) LAP reportedly demolished and liquidated its printing equipment in 2010, instead hiring party printers to print its designs on blank fabric. (Id.) Jung is said to be the former general manager of LAP. (See Compl. 11.)
Jung allegedly sent to Royal a hard drive containing CAD files for all of LAP’s designs, allegedly in accordance with the license agreement. (See Compl. 16.) Royal used LAP’s designs on a regular basis for the next few years, keeping track of it in a spreadsheet. (See Compl. 17.) Royal, on the other hand, allegedly did not print enough yardage with LAP’s designs to cover LAP’s unpaid debt. (See Compl. 17, 20.)

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For the past 9 years, our company, Nova Printex Co, Ltd., has been in the printing, dyeing, and garment production market. Cottons, Rayon, Viscose, Linens, and Silks are among the natural fiber fabrics we work with. Both consumers in the clothing fabric and craft industries will benefit from a one-stop manufacturing solution. Nova Printex has vast experience designing and creating new and creative fabric printing artworks, as well as expertise in garment printing. With a workforce of 300 people and a monthly production capacity of 1.5 million yards, the company was established in 2007. We have a good reputation for quality assurance, accountability, openness, and performance. The company’s factory and warehouse are situated in the Samut Prakan district, which is on the outskirts of Bangkok. We also produce a variety of Allover Embroidery fabrics, trims, and laces.

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Printex Printing and Graphics Inc is proud to be a one-stop shop for all of your printing requirements. We have a long list of services available, and it’s not uncommon for us to serve a wide range of customers. Many of our customers have long-standing relationships with us, and they simply call us for all of their printing needs.
Printex Printing and Graphics Inc is a printing business that offers a wide range of services to satisfy almost every printing requirement. Since we are an online-based business, almost everyone can benefit from our services, particularly because we offer local pick-up and delivery at several locations.
We take orders for magnets, notepads, placemats, door hangers, presentation directories, and a variety of other printing jobs in addition to our common services. Printex Printing and Graphics Inc is proud to have the expertise and equipment necessary to bring your designs to life. There is no such thing as a small or large concept. We’ll bring them to life.

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