Seller not responding to paypal claim

Seller not responding to paypal claim

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@daadam.myhr74u @daadam.myhr74u It’s good when they do, but sellers aren’t obligated to respond to messages or tell you when your order will ship. For now, all you can do is monitor your package and wait for the expected delivery date. You can file an INR the next day if you don’t receive by that date.
Before anyone asked, they had around 4200 sales with 92.7 percent positive reviews, according to @daadam.myhr74u.
That’s a TERRIBLY LOW feedback rate. Unless there were extenuating circumstances, I would never buy from a seller with a rating of less than 99 percent. I assume this was a bad decision.
So I asked for a shipping ETA, waited a few days, and then messaged them again, saying I’m not angry if it’ll be in October, but they said it was in stock, and I paid for expedited shipping, so is there a rough time estimate? There was no answer. I filed a return, and the seller agreed to accept it. However, I must indicate that I returned the item in order to avoid being scammed. I then asked the seller if they could just tell me if they’re going to ship it or cancel the order, but they didn’t respond. I’m just curious if there’s some way I can get a refund. It was a few hundred dollars, and I don’t want to wait two months to find out I never received it.

How to dispute a paypal transaction and get a full refund

This indicates the download’s date, time, which IP address, and should be shown to Paypal/Stripe if there is a disagreement. The procedure varies depending on how they’re disputing the fee, but in general, you’ll need to take a screenshot of the download, then respond to the dispute in Paypal/Stripe and upload the screenshots, explaining that the file was downloaded.
After the purchase, this information is logged on the contract, and an electronic signature (E-Signature) is created for both the consumer and the seller, indicating approval of the terms and acknowledgment of the purchase. This should also be presented to Paypal as evidence.
Chargebacks are much more difficult to win because the decision is taken by the buyer’s bank/card issuer, and it’s extremely unlikely for them to rule against their own client, even though you’ve presented a mountain of proof. So, if you lose those, don’t get too down on yourself; they’re nearly impossible to win. (They also come with an additional cost of about $25, so be prepared for that.)

How to open up a dispute / claim in paypal

I can’t seem to locate or receive an answer to this question on the website. Is there someone who can tell me what the procedure is? I filed a claim against a seller who failed to deliver the item. The claim’s status remains “Awaiting Response.” How long will the seller be able to ignore this without Paypal intervening to get my money back?
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Have you brought the dispute to the next step and lodged a claim? If that’s the case, PayPal usually gives the seller 10 days to provide trackable proof of delivery (longer if the sale is international), after which they check and refund the transaction within 48 hours of the deadline being met.
While this still does not answer my question, I appreciate your taking the time to leave a comment. Someone else may be able to share their experience of what happens when a seller does not respond within the specified timeframe… Furthermore, I believe I read somewhere that I am not permitted to contact the seller while the investigation is ongoing. I’m not sure if they’re aware of this, since they sent me an e-mail on Monday asking for input on my purchase (which was made about 6 weeks ago!) I have yet to respond.

How to respond to a paypal dispute request.

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Paypal dispute seller not responding

Search using a keyword How do I transform a disagreement into a claim? If you can’t get your conflict settled, you can ask us to look into it by escalating it to a claim. We’ll look at the situation and make a decision (usually within 30 days or less).
You have 20 calendar days from the date the conflict was opened to escalate to a claim. If a conflict isn’t escalated to a claim within 20 days, it will be automatically closed. Disputations that have been closed cannot be reopened or escalated to a claim. Please go to the Resolution Center to see if there are any notifications related to your conflict.
We’ll send you an email to let you know we got your claim, and we’ll keep sending you updates and any action or details you need. In most cases, we can make a decision in 30 days or less, but it can take longer in some cases. You can always go to the Resolution Center to check on the status of your claim.

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