Shoprite chase pay

Shoprite chase pay

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From 1/1/19 to 2/4/19, use Chase Pay with your Chase card at ShopRite stores or on to receive 10 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per $1 spent on up to $400 in total transactions. That’s nine bonus points on top of the one you get for every dollar you spend at ShopRite.
This deal will give you a total of 10X at ShopRite on the first $400 spent between January 1 and February 4, 2019. They do sell gift cards, so maybe they’ll have some specials around that time. I received the offer via email, but everyone should be qualified based on previous offers.

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You can pay and control your bills all in one location with Online Bill Pay. You can pay almost anyone—utilities, credit cards, and even your landscaper. Payments are secure, and you can make one-time or recurring payments without having to pay postage.
You may sign up for eBills after enrolling in Online Bill Pay, which is an electronic version of the paper bill or statement you receive each month from any business, including telecom, energy, and retailers. The electronic bill would contain all of the same information and specifics as your paper bill.

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ShopRite has used innovation and teamwork to leverage the power of mobile technology to develop innovative and satisfying consumer experiences. The ShopRite app personalizes grocery shopping by making it easy to keep track of shopping lists, discover new products, access weekly sales, check out, and pay.
Our payment partner, JP Morgan, has significantly aided us in our development over the last four or five years. They’ve ensured that we’re on the cutting edge of payment technology in our stores and online.
Customers can buy groceries in a number of ways from us. They can go into the store, look around, pay for what they want, and take it home. They can also go to our website, place an order, select whether they want it picked up or shipped, and complete the transaction online.
The words, anonymity, and security policies of J.P. Morgan’s website and/or mobile app do not extend to the site or app you’re about to visit. Please read through the words, privacy, and protection policies to see if they relate to you. Except for goods and services that expressly bear the J.P. Morgan brand, J.P. Morgan is not liable for (and does not provide) any products, services, or content at this third-party platform or app.

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This is one of my favorite Chase promotions because it is one of the most straightforward to complete. In fact, most users should be able to take advantage of this offer to the fullest. To receive the full incentive, you only need to spend $80 a week on groceries between January 1, 2019 and February 4, 2019. However, if you want to invest the entire $400 before February 4, 2019, or if you want to procrastinate and wait until the end of the sale, it should not be difficult. ShopRite has a large selection of gift cards that, when bought with Chase Pay at checkout, will quickly get you to your maximum bonus.

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