Silver dollar stables

Silver dollar stables

Horse boarding

Silver Dollar Stables is a family-oriented full-service facility located on 22 acres in the greater Columbia area, just minutes from Harbison. We have a 16-stall center aisle barn with plenty of grass pasture for turnout. From complete board and preparation to weekly lessons on one or exceptional lesson horses, we have a wide range of services. Our students and clients are also welcome to perform with us, and we have a diverse show schedule to accommodate the needs of both first-timers and those who want to compete. Call to make an appointment and let us take care of your equine needs!
Please explain your requirements as well as any additional services you may need. Quite IMPORTANT: Do not use profanity or have links to other websites (even if they are yours). Those requests for touch are ignored. Thank you so much!

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Both coat styles must be bought from a stable and have a starting price of about $950. Since Turkomans are a hybrid between a race and a war horse, they have better overall characteristics than other breeds. It has mild reactivity and agility due to its handling.
Turkomans are multi-class horses with race and war horse characteristics. Their slender but agile build, as well as their sleek coat, help to identify them. A stable will sell you the Dark Bay, Gold, and Silver coats. They can manage situations well, but they can be impatient at times. They are well-known for their excellent health, stamina, and pace. This versatile horse is ideal for a variety of circumstances.
For racing or battle, the Turkoman is our best horse. It is a bold Oriental horse breed renowned for its sleek body and high stamina. The tiny hooves are well-suited to navigating rugged terrain. This, combined with their high speed, makes them an excellent war horse. This is one of the most popular horses we sell because it is a hardy, stable breed that is unrivaled in this line.

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14.2 hands are dainty and beautiful!! It’s got a pedigree!! This filly is absolutely stunning. This filly, who is turning three years old, is well into her training and only needs some fine tuning this spring. Her head is lovely and stylish, with a deep chestnut hue. She’s a natural eye-catcher and ideal for those of you who value true beauty!! TWH reg. $1000 SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD S THANK YOU Very MUCH! GREEN COUNTY, KY. CUNDIFF FAMILY
Finley is a grade racking gelding who is about 4-5 years old. On his motion clip, he has a cool 4 beat racking gait that you can see and hear. He’s 15 hands long, loads well, and has a lot of trail experience. SOLD OUT! SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD S Thank you very much, Darren and family from Crestwood, Kentucky!
Looking for a good deal. Look no further, Libby is here!!! Her only flaw is that she lacks registration papers (boohoo!). She is a lovely filly with a lot of promise. Take a look at her motion clip to get a sense of her walking style. This filly, according to Kayla, is a great trail horse for just about everyone. For the very fair price of $750firm, you can get a 4 year old grade walking filly. SOLD OUT! IN HONOR OF THE CUNDIFF FAMILY OF GREEN COUNTY, KENTUCKY.

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Bear Creek Stables is about a 20-mile drive from West Columbia. Bear Creek Stables, located at 284 Pinegrove Rd, is regarded as one of the best stables in the West Columbia region. Call them at (803) 786-5393 if you need more detail.
West Columbia is approximately 31 miles from Pinewood Riding Ctr. Pinewood Riding Ctr, located at 1845 Benjamin Blvd, is regarded as one of the best Stables in the West Columbia region. They can be reached at (803) 536-6796.
Three Oaks Arabians is about 16 miles outside of West Columbia. Three Oaks Arabians, located at 307 Henry Stabler Rd, is regarded as one of the best stables in the West Columbia region. Their phone number is (803) 600-6179.

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