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The government has stated that the law will not be applied in a constructive manner. Prof Woon, a former attorney-general, quoted Section 35(8) of the Constitution to argue that the Attorney-General has prosecutorial authority.
“So we have a very dangerous precedent here,” he said at the 12th NUS Tembusu Forum, which drew about 250 students. “The political authorities are suggesting to the Public Prosecutor – who is supposed to be impartial – there are certain rules that you don’t follow.”
Acts of gross indecency with other men, whether in private or in public, are illegal under Section 377A. It carries a maximum sentence of two years in prison. The 1938 legislation has been in the news in recent years as a result of Parliamentary hearings and constitutional challenges.
Though it is considered a sin by some religions, he believes it should be treated similarly to adultery and fornication, which are not legal offences, and that “if it is a sin, it is between you and God.”
Ms Braema Mathi, president of human rights group Maruah, and Mr Bernhard Faustenhammer, head of the European Union delegation to Singapore’s political, news, and media section, were among the panelists at the two-hour forum titled Are Human Rights Truly Universal?

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Blowing Wind is a gay men’s online message board and bulletin board in Singapore. In 1997, IT-savvy gay volunteers launched the platform, which coincided with the launch of SiGNeL, Singapore’s gay news list.
It accepts every subject under the sun, not just LGBT issues, and runs ads to cover the costs of maintaining the platform. However, it avoids political debate, especially anti-government rants. The platform is moderated by the forum’s founders and volunteers, who adhere to strict etiquette and laws. Users who break the rules are either barred from posting for a period of time or permanently disqualified.

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For verification, this article needs further citations. Please contribute to the improvement of this article by citing credible sources. It is possible that unsourced content would be questioned and withdrawn. Locate sources: “LGBT community in Singapore” – JSTOR – news, media, books, and scholars (June 2011) (To find out when and how to delete this template message, read the instructions at the bottom of this page.)
Chew was the first Singaporean to openly admit to being HIV-positive. On the 12th of December 1998, he came out at Singapore’s First National AIDS Conference. He declared his sexual orientation to be bisexual. His affliction was dramatized in The Required Stage’s “Completely With/Out Character,” directed by Alvin Tan and written by Haresh Sharma, and performed from May 10–17, 1999. He died on August 21, 1999, just a few weeks after the play’s run ended.
Yap was a Singaporean poet who received the Singapore Cultural Medallion for Literature in 1983. He died of laryngeal carcinoma on June 19, 2006, and left $500,000 to the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCSS), where he was a patient, as part of his estate. 1st

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On November 17, 2020, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke at the virtual Singapore Tech Forum 2020 during the “Keynote & Q&A: Technology as Singapore’s Strategic National Priority” session. Ms Karen Tay, Regional Vice President of the Singapore Global Network, moderated the Q&A.
When there are a lot of instances, all of these delays and inefficiencies add up. We had to quickly create our new products (VISION, TraceTogether software, and Tokens). They’re more than Minimum Viable Products, but they’re still work-in-progress and far from polished. However, they demonstrated that we had some in-house capability and that it was contributing significantly. Most significantly, by designing them, we and our team learned the value of “Ops-tech” from both the technical and operational perspectives. As a result, operations must be integrated with technology specifications from the beginning. Early on, tech people must be involved, and they must work closely with operations people to understand the operational conditions and specifications in order to satisfy the requirements and ensure that the technological side is completely considered, and we go to the limits of what is feasible, and we are realistic about how far we can go.

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