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Skynet Advertising Proximus About Proximus Skynet AdvertisingProximus Skynet Advertising is a cross-channel sales house that offers businesses a full range of digital media add solutions on Proximus Group and third-party channels.
We provide marketing solutions to consumers and corporate markets, with an emphasis on content, entertainment, connectivity, and sales applications, with the goal of listening, anticipating, acting with a creative spirit, and focusing our resources on our customers.
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18 şubat 2021

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Belgacom is a Belgian telecommunications company. In 1995, Skynet became a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgacom, and in 1998, it became a wholly owned subsidiary of Belgacom. It started by concentrating on the consumer market, eventually extending its clientele to include SMEs and corporations. was one of the first Belgian portals in 2000.
These services were created to fulfill the digital marketing requirements of businesses across all platforms (Web, Direct Media, IDTV). Direct and loyalty marketing, search engine marketing, media productions, and mobile solutions were the most popular.

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Mrs Marriam Khalid Bint Omar, Director of Skynet Charity Fund&Food Donation Initiative, says their goal and vision is to reach over 1,000,000 poor families and needy people in food donation and help by the end of December 2020, and she asks well-wishers and donors to support this massive humanitarian aid initiative to save lives.
INSET-Video of a poor widow in Kenya’s Bamba-Kilifi County begging for food and help in her native swahili language after going weeks without food and forcing her children to survive on wild fruits.

The asian broadcaster series – skynet, myanmar

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