Sounding like a broken record

Sounding like a broken record

Sounding like a broken record

I’m going to sound like a broken record here, but this is going to be a very facts-and-circumstances-based decision, entity by entity, even more so than securitization. is a website for Canadian bankers.
this concert with a group of French musicians, recorded in New York: “David Byrne introduced her as a massive Indonesian star who’d come to Paris to pursue her ‘artistic honesty,’ which, in my view, appears to consist of copying American rock and sprinkling in a few Oriental-sounding flutes here and there? is a website dedicated to rfi music.
Ms. Marlene Smadu (Ms. Marlene Smadu): I sound like a broken record because I keep saying the same things, but our stance on marriage is that it is multidimensional, and we establish the institution of marriage within the Catholic Church when all of those dimensions are present together.
There are some solid committee suggestions here, but I believe there are two points left out that, in my opinion, get to the heart of the matter (and harken back—I hate to sound like a broken record—to the McGrath Committee […]

Sound like a broken record (idiom)

Like a broken record, this description is at the top of the list.

Temperature records are sounding like a broken record

someone who, to the irritation of others, keeps repeating themselves over and over.

How to use american idioms every day | sound like a broken

Anton, who doesn’t know shit from shanola when it comes to dog training, insisted to Jenny over and over that the only way to train a dog is to beat it, according to a German dog training manual. Anton just won’t stop talking. Jenny, irritated, has told him that he sounds like a broken record and that she has no intention of hitting her dog Lucky as a form of discipline. Jenny is considering using the German discipline system on Anton because he is so obnoxious. Hopefully, Anton will read this description of “broken record” and stop talking about it forever.
Jenny vows to never mention Mariana’s name again. Jenny is appalled by Anton and Mariana’s treatment of others. Jenny does not want to hear about Mariana and does not want to see Mariana. Despite Jenny’s repeated requests for Anton to never mention Mariana’s name or discuss her in any way, Anton, like a broken record, keeps bringing Mariana’s name up again and again. Anton doesn’t seem to realize that Jenny is enraged that he continues to do this despite her repeated requests for him to stop. Anton is young, and he doesn’t seem to realize that constantly trying to irritate Jenny will cause Jenny to lose interest in him, and she will throw him out of her house and life forever. November 06, 20072015 by crazysissymonster

Jason derulo – broken record w/lyrics

This used to be a common expression for people who kept repeating themselves. I’m not sure what was wrong with actual discs at the time they did this, but it wasn’t just cracks that caused crackles in the sound quality. The theory was that the needle would get trapped in the same groove on the disk and continue to play the same small section until you raised your arm and found a new groove.
You could also push the record to skip if you twisted it slightly so the surface had a small step at the crack. Who cares about the stylus if you change the stage or switch the skip? I’m not sure if this would work for 78s because they’re a little more fragile.

Not my voice sounding like a broken record player

When we used to have record players, the phonograph records would sometimes get scratched and sit in the same groove, repeating the same note over and over. This was a grating and obnoxious sound that made it difficult to continue listening to the album. However, such things, such as a record cleaning brush and a lot of time and patience, may be used to fix a scratch. Most people either didn’t know how to repair a record or didn’t want to bother, so they just gave up and threw it away.
These are just a few of the things that our parents, peers, bullies, or other people in our lives might have taught us. Words that hurt us, bring us down, and make us feel bad are spoken to us. Then we start saying these words to ourselves over and over until they become habitual. These words are false, but we believe them, and they become our reality.
We must understand that what people say to us is a reflection of their feelings rather than the person we are. People who say hurtful things are hurting themselves, and what they want to do is hurt someone else to feel better. It gives them a fleeting sense of dominance, but if we believe what they claim, it can also be harmful to us.

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