St. maarten currency

St. maarten currency

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We’re going to St. Martin soon and need some guidance on how much and what kind of currency to bring. USD is recognized on both sides of the island, according to my understanding. In a restaurant, is it easier to pay with a credit card or cash, and is “cash only” popular on the island?
They all accept US dollars. Many places in France will offer you an even exchange rate of $1 to 1 euro. Make a point of reading the menu or the door. If you look closely, it is clearly labelled. There isn’t always a 1:1 ratio. The exchange rate at Calmos Cafe was bad. On Orient Beach, you can get a fair exchange rate if you pay with cash or a fair exchange rate if you pay with a credit card.
Several sites, such as gas stations, beach chair rentals, and some restaurants, accept only cash. The majority of restaurants will accept cash as a tip, but will accept a credit card for the food part. I recommend bringing more money than you think you’ll need. For two people, an afternoon at the beach with luch and chairs could cost $60 in cash. It all depends on how much you eat.
I’m curious how many Americans will start complaining about the 1=1 as the euro continues to fall and the anticipated decline through parity. I can already hear it. I’m waiting for the recommendation to upgrade your $ to € instead of $.

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The island of St. Martin / St. Maarten is located in the Atlantic Time Zone (GMT-4). When Eastern Standard Time is in effect in the eastern United States, the time on the island is one hour later. The time on the island is the same as when the eastern United States changes to Eastern Daylight Time. The 24-hour format is commonly used to denote local time (1:15 p.m. is 13:15 or 13h15). The time on this island does not change with the seasons.
Period ON THE ISLAND There is also a concept known as “Island Time” in the Caribbean, as it is in the rest of the world. This means that things will take far longer than expected. Relaxing and enjoying yourself as you wait is the perfect way to deal with Island Time. BANKING AND CURRENCY The Euro is the official currency of French St. Martin. It is the Netherlands Antilles florin in Dutch St. Maarten (NAf). However, at current exchange rates, US dollars and major credit cards are commonly accepted in the island. While Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted, American Express and Discover cards are not accepted by many merchants. Local banks, currency exchange offices (bureaux de change), and ATMs (called DABs or distributeurs automatiques de billets on the French side) typically offer better exchange rates than hotels. Marigot has major banks, but most towns have at least one bank with an ATM. Monday through Friday, banks are open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 14:00 a.m. to 16:00 p.m. On Saturday mornings, some of them are also available. Given the low crime rate on St. Martin, tourists should not leave valuables or cash unattended. Most hotels have safes in rooms or at the front desk for holding sensitive documents or valuables, and most villas and condominiums have safes. At, you can use a universal currency converter.

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What is the right method for dealing with currency exchange? I’m not sure whether I should bring US dollars with me and trade them there or if I should do it before leaving the US. Is it also advisable to use big credit cards on the island? If so, will the payment be made in their respective currencies (Dutch vs. French) or in US dollars? This is my first trip outside of the United States as an adult, and I don’t want to get lost. Any and all feedback will be highly respected!
Some French side restaurants also offer a 1:1 exchange rate for payment in dollars; they typically post the exchange rate and menu outside during the day, along with a sign-up sheet for reservations; Grand Case restaurants do this on a regular basis.

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When you remember that St. Martin is home to over 120 nationalities, it’s easy to see why it’s known as the “Friendly Island.” On the French side of St. Martin, French is used in official institutions and schools, but the locals are proud to be bilingual, and English is openly spoken. Both English and Dutch are official languages in the Netherlands. Spanish, Creole, and Papiamento are all spoken on the island.
On the French side, the Euro is the official currency, and on the Dutch side, the Netherlands Antilles Florin (NAF), also known as the guilder, is the official currency. The US dollar is widely accepted in the island, and there are numerous currency exchange offices and banks. Bear in mind that while most establishments accept big credit cards, many do not accept international checks.
Stores selling appliances, stereo equipment, and cameras on both sides of the island often offer power converters and European/American outlet adapters, enabling you to use your devices on both sides of the island.

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