State street enhanced custody

State street enhanced custody

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You need a trusted hedge fund services partner to help you with the day-to-day management of your funds while you concentrate on risk-adjusted returns, developing new products to satisfy growing investor demands, and fulfilling the obligations of the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our online platforms provide you with real-time dashboards and customized reports that give you visibility into regular deliverables.
Our Hedge Fund Services team follows the sun as a global service provider, ensuring that you have full coverage of your middle-office, hedge fund accounting, investor servicing, and regulatory reporting needs regardless of where your investment management activities or investors are located. Via our leadership positions in the industry, such as the Managed Funds Association (MFA), the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers (NAREIM), and the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) Association, we also work to lobby for the unique interests of the alternatives sector.

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Lower end-of-period equity market levels and a previously reported client move, according to State Street, were partly offset by higher end-of-period fixed income market levels.
As of Q1 2020, investment management assets under management had decreased by 4% to $2.7 trillion. This was mostly due to lower end-of-period stock market volumes, partly offset by net inflows, according to State Street.
In addition, servicing fees revenue increased by 3% in Q1 2019, according to the survey, which was mainly driven by customer behavior and flows, higher average market levels, and net new business, partially offset by pricing headwinds, according to the Boston-based bank.
According to the bank, servicing fees were down 1% in Q4 2019, owing to lower average market levels and pricing headwinds, which were partly offset by increased client engagement.
According to the survey, new investment servicing mandates revealed in Q1 2020 totaled $171 billion, with $1.1 trillion in quarter-end servicing assets yet to be installed in future periods.

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LONDON, UK — Direct Access Lending, a securities finance product that enables direct, principal loans between our lending and borrowing clients, was launched and made the first securities loan by State Street Corporation (NYSE: STT). The new peer-to-peer product will take advantage of State Street’s Agency Lending and Enhanced Custody programs’ scale and strength, and highlights the company’s commitment to aligning solutions and technology to help clients achieve their goals.
To promote direct lending transactions, State Street will combine its Agency Lending and Enhanced Custody services to provide all sets of customers with the advantages of each service needed to function in a peer-to-peer transaction, as well as the cost savings associated with Direct Access loans. A seamless peer-to-peer model is enabled by the operational efficiency and expertise of a controlled securities lending program in this product.
Martin Tell, Global Head of Securities Finance, said, “Over the last decade, we have worked hard to handle balance sheet constraints through banks and broker/dealers involved in securities lending.” “To help our customers, State Street has developed a range of creative strategies, including extending our program to include new markets and collateral forms, as well as diversifying ways for borrowers to post noncash collateral by pledging securities rather than a title transfer. Given the size and complexity of the Agency Lending and Enhanced Custody businesses that we operate today, we are ideally placed to build a peer-to-peer securities financing network with this prior innovation and development.”

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Securities financing, a powerful asset in today’s environment, will play a key role in your portfolio risk management strategy. We have access to customized funding solutions across a variety of strategies and asset classes, thanks to our global coverage and five regional trading desks. We’ll work together to create a versatile, risk-based strategy that will help you get the most out of your lending program.
We work with you to understand your needs, drawing on our products and technologies to create a solution that suits your investment strategy, as named most creative lender of the year by the Global Investor/ISF Survey 2020*. You can rely on our business experience to create a loan platform that helps you meet your goals with a variety of choices.
We’ve worked closely with clients to establish advanced trading and distribution across one of the market’s largest and most valuable supply networks since launching our securities finance program in 1974. We will assist you with securities loan and lending opportunities, flexibility, and risk management, among other things.

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