Status network token reddit

Status network token reddit

Biggest misconception about mining with nicehash

Although much of the recent wave of non-fungible token (NFT) speculation has been most clearly expressed in high-dollar art auctions or digital trading card sales, there’s also been a constant stream of chatter among optimistic investors who see a future that connects the tokens to the future of social media and creator monetization.
Most of the heated debate has focused on BitClout, a pre-launch social crypto-exchange where users can buy and sell tokens based on other people’s reputations. The app, which will be released from private beta tomorrow morning, has already sparked debate in the crypto world, but it has also accrued a sizable war chest as investors pour tens of millions of dollars into its own currency.
BitClout is part of a rapidly growing group of crypto companies focused on tokenized versions of social currency. Roll and Rally are two other companies working on developing these individual tokens, with the aim of allowing creators to directly monetize their online presence and encourage their fans to bet on them. Users who believe in a budding artist will invest in their social currency and potentially profit as the creator grows in popularity and the value of their coins rises.

Huuge!! reddit launches crypto on ethereum

The widespread use of online networking (e.g., blogs, comment threads, and text messaging services) has resulted in the emergence of a multitude of new data sources that can provide useful and applicable answers to social science research questions. This short tutorial covers the fundamentals of using R to mine and analyze social media data.
We’ll need to install a few programs before we can start analyzing something relevant to our research questions. This tutorial just uses R, so don’t worry if you’re not familiar with it. R is a simple language to pick up. If you’re really not convinced, here’s a list of advantages to knowing it:
In most cases, you’ll only need to install packages once you’ve (re-)installed R. You will, however, need to load them each time you use them. It can be useful to have R install packages as required and then load them to make your scripts run with as little user input as possible.
When attempting to access YouTube info, the tuber kit is an alternative to vosonSML and includes additional features for acquiring video and channel meta data. I won’t show you how to use it, but you can learn more about it by reading this vignette.

Can dydx become a decentralized bitmex? how it is scaling

IBM software engineer Billy Markus of Portland, Oregon, and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer co-founded Dogecoin with the aim of creating a peer-to-peer digital currency that could appeal to a wider audience than Bitcoin. They also decided to separate it from the contentious tradition of other coins. [7] Dogecoin was officially released on December 6, 2013, with over a million visits to in the first 30 days. [eight]
Palmer was a member of the Adobe Systems Marketing Department in Sydney at the time, and he is credited with bringing the concept to life.
[nine] Palmer had bought the domain and added a splash screen with the coin’s logo and Comic Sans text strewn about. After seeing the site, Markus contacted Palmer and began working on developing the currency. Markus based Dogecoin’s protocol on established cryptocurrencies such as Luckycoin and Litecoin[10], both of which use scrypt technology in their proof-of-work algorithms. [11] Because of the use of scrypt, miners are unable to use SHA-256 bitcoin mining equipment and must instead rely on dedicated FPGA and ASIC computers, which are considered to be more difficult to manufacture. (12) (#13)

Low cap altcoin gems with 1000x potential

Telegram is a common, modern cross-platform messaging app that is widely used. It’s lightning quick, stable, cloud-based, and works across all platforms. Doesn’t it seem to be ideal? The options don’t stop there! The entire code base is open-sourced, enabling you to create your own telegram client!
I enjoy browsing through dog pictures on Reddit, and there was a time when I thought I was spending so much time there. So I came up with an idea. As a true programmer, I decided to write a Python bot that would automatically post new Subreddit posts to a Telegram Channel. This was a great way for me to improve my Python skills while also saving time each day!
We’re using the idea of environment variables to conceal our confidential data in this case. It would be easier to handle the credentials if we open source our project and post it on code repositories like GitHub.
Two functions are written here. To prevent duplicates, the prev submissions() function reads the prev file, which is a file that specifies the previous posts that the bot has already submitted to the telegram channel.

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