Steve van wyk pnc

Steve van wyk pnc

Steven van wyk | september 11 | 9/11/19

PNC has a Chief Information Officer and a Chief Operating Officer. Global Chief Information Officer at Ing Various positions at Morgan Stanley, including Global Retail Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer
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Identify the filing for which the offsetting fee was previously charged under Rule 0-11(a)(2). Find the previous filing by looking up the registration statement number, or the Form or Schedule and the date it was filed.
listed in this proxy statement, as well as a summary of important developments since the annual meeting of shareholders last year. We are once again providing you with electronic access to our proxy materials. We hope that this helps to provide you with convenience while helping us to print fewer copies.
Your broker has unlimited power to vote on your behalf for resolutions that are considered “routine” things if your shares are in “street name” and you do not have voting instructions. The only regular item on treatment, and you must vote immediately. You will vote your shares in a variety of ways. The proxy card and the Notice of Internet Availability of Proxy Materials also provide voting instructions. If you own shares in street name, you will receive an annual assessment from the Governance Committee to ensure that our directors have the expertise and experience required to represent PNC, and that the Board and its committees are successful in carrying out their responsibilities.

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Van Wyk, HSBC’s new chief information officer, will be in charge of the company’s global technology organization, ensuring that the bank has the necessary technological skills to offer sustainable customer services, including the use of artificial intelligence and robotics to digitize key processes.
Van Wyk will be based in London and will lead a global team of technologists in cultivating and recruiting talent, as well as implementing innovative agile ways of operating with a clear customer result emphasis.
“Steve is a highly-experienced transformational technology executive, with a long track record of running large-scale technology organizations in financial services,” said John Hinshaw, HSBC’s group chief operating officer.

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Van Wyk began working for PNC in January 2013. He previously worked for ING in Amsterdam as the company’s global chief operating officer. Van Wyk was elevated to that role in 2007, one year after joining ING as the Americas division’s chief information officer. On a global scale, he was in charge of all facets of technology and operations at the Bank. He was also in charge of logistics for the commercial bank’s global operations.
From 1996 to 2006, he worked at Morgan Stanley, where he held roles such as global chief information officer and global head of Operations and Technology for the Retail division. He has also worked with Deloitte & Touche in Chicago as a senior manager, computer assurance consulting; Pella Windows and Doors in Iowa as chief information and financial officer; and Phillips Petroleum Company in Oklahoma as controller and senior auditor.

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