Best strict parent memes of other brands

Best strict parent memes of other brands

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You might believe that if you’ve encountered one form of parent, you’ve encountered them all. However, not all parents are created equal, as it turns out. Some parents are ordinary people. They make certain that their children attend school and stay out of trouble. They grant their children some autonomy, allowing them to attend boy-girl sleepovers and stay out past midnight.
And there are the parents who are overbearing. There are no laws for them. No, I’m sorry. That’s not true. We meant to say that when you have strict parents, you must follow all of the laws. When your parents are strict, the answer is always “no,” having fun is strictly forbidden, and your curfew is set at the length of time it takes you to walk home from school.
We understand if you grew up with strict parents. Of course, we now understand that they were so strict because they loved us (right? ), so we can joke about it. Let’s all laugh together at these 15 memes depicting what it’s like to have strict parents.
Any kid who grew up with strict parents understands how frustrating it is to see your friends plan something fun and then have to tell them you won’t be able to attend because you know your parents would say “no.” Like the time your friends won tickets to a Nickleback concert from the local radio station, and you really wanted to go (despite your dislike for Nickleback), but you had to pretend you didn’t want to go because you knew your mother would never let you. Of course, it was just one of the things you wanted to do but didn’t have the opportunity to do. The life of a child with strict parents is like this. #TheStruggleIsAlreadyBeginnnnnnnnnnnnn

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I get popped in the mouth if I talk back once. Even if I’m 13, if I have an attitude in the supermarket, my parents are not afraid to pull me by the butt. It’s humiliating, so I’m not going to do it! And when I ask them to do something, they almost always say no! Alternatively, I can hardly move around my neighborhood. Parents who are stern are both the worst and the best.
I recall having to wake up my mother one time when she was napping. I remembered the last time I tried to wake her up by tapping her, she said she’d slap the life out of me, so this time I just called her name, and she was pissed at ME because I was shouting her name, because she’s such a heavy sleeper, but when I told her what she said to me the last time I tapped her, she said “no, I didn’t,” and I said “but you did,” and we had a whole fight about it

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Every person has a different set of rules for their children. And each person has a unique set of characteristics. But, what if you have an orangtua with a very strict set of rules? Pasti kalau teman-temanmu gak bakal mengerti bagaimana orangtuamu memberi aturan kepadamu, kamu selalu merasa. Nah, di sini kami kumpulkan ada beberapa meme yang bakal cuma dimengerti sama anak-anak yang memiliki orangtua yang strict. Cekidot, Cekidot, Cekidot, Ce
4. Asik ngeliatin temen-temen di luar, while kamu terkurung di kamar. 5. Rasanya boleh diboleh pacaran sama orangtua… is a website that provides information about zikoko. 6. “Pa, aku mau ya?” “Loh kan kemaren udah?” “Kemaren itu berapa bulan ya, Pa…”
7. Setiap mau pergi, kamu bakal dapet banyak serangan pertanyaan.
8. After getting off the bus, langsung diceramahin sama mama. Continue reading the article below. Editors’ choices Also read: Kamu Orangtua Terlalu Posesif? Initiate the following ten measures. 9. Kamu gak bisa ikut sebuah acara saat kamu mendadak, karena pasti minta izin sama orangtua itu sangat sulit. is a website dedicated to making people laugh.

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Moms are a common topic for memes. There’s a treasure trove of mom memes floating around the internet, whether from the perspective of the child or the parent. Many are amusing, some are sentimental, and the majority are relatable.
Text on a blue backdrop, for example.
My kids wanted to know what it’s like to be a mother, so I woke them up at 2 a.m. to tell them my sock had come undone.
Meaning: This is one way of teaching your children about how exhausting and boundary-less parenting can be.
Example #2: Laurence Fishburne in The Matrix films as Morpheus
Text: What if I told you that your father can also pour a glass of milk?
Meaning: A warning to children: stop expecting mom to do anything.
Image: White text on a green background (example #3).
When… you fully understand why Mama Bear’s porridge was cold, you know you’re a parent.
Meaning: Even in Goldilocks’ universe, moms eat last.

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