Supermarket in madrid

Supermarket in madrid

How to explore a spanish market like a local

When it comes to traveling, we understand how convenient it is to be able to prepare a fast meal before heading out or a relaxing dinner after a long day. As a result, all of Olala Homes’ apartments and villas have a completely fitted kitchen/kitchenette.
In Spain, there are a variety of supermarkets and brands to choose from, but what about shopping for groceries online? We’ve compiled a list of the best ones so you can get food delivered right to your apartment door and relax. Now is the time to check them out!
In Madrid and Barcelona, Deliberry is a grocery delivery operation. It has over 80,000 items from various supermarkets, bakeries, and grocery stores throughout the region. Their service is extremely fast, and deliveries can be made within an hour or you can schedule a delivery for a specific period.
By adding to your cart, you can shop at local stores, groceries, supermarkets, and even restaurants with Amazon Prime Now. Then, using your current Amazon Prime account, check out, and your items will be shipped to you during the delivery window you choose. You’ll be able to monitor the driver in real time until the order has been delivered!

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Spanish supermarket: prices

We will be in Madrid for ten days in May, and I was hoping you could advise us on food supermarkets. We will be staying in aparto suites near the Royal Palace location.

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We lived there last year and the Pio station supermarket was the only place we could find food to cook ourselves.

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We’d like to go somewhere bigger with more options, or even find out where the local markets are.

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Thank you so much.
Lavapies is quite a walk away from the hotel. You should possibly go to one of the supermarkets along Calle Ferraz. There’s a good one named Elias a few blocks after the Temple de Debod, up the hill from the Sabatini hotel, where I assume you’re staying at. Then there are a slew of other supermarkets in the Arguelles neighborhood, as well as some fantastic bars and restaurants. Another tip: the ones on Pintor Rosales are twice as expensive as the ones on Ferraz.

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Last year, Mercadona was by far my favorite grocery store in Madrid, so I’m starting there.

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I didn’t go to one during my first year in Madrid because I didn’t live near one (there aren’t many in the city).

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This past year, a Mercadona opened right next to my Tues/Weds school, so I frequented it.

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It’s still spotless, and there’s a wide range of things to choose from.

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This is where I can get hummus and gluten-free things (of which there are many!).

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It comes highly recommended.
I stayed in three apartments in Madrid, each about a block from a Dia supermarket.
Dia has lower prices, so I’d shop there more frequently for everyday items like baguettes and rice.
Get a Dia card if you live in Madrid; you’ll get new coupons every month.
Simply inquire about it at the checkout counter, and you will be given a slip to complete with your name and address.
Carrefour provided my favorite reusable bags (shown below), but I never went there on a regular basis during my two years in Madrid.
It wasn’t the most convenient grocery store for me, but I think the standard is excellent! [Update: I shopped at Carrefour on a regular basis while living in France from 2015 to 2016.]

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For food, go to the “Market of San Miguel” near Plaza Mayor. A small supermarket is a short distance away from Plaza Mayor and on the right for daily necessities as you continue on Calle Mayor towards Almudena. The chain’s name escapes me at the moment.
I still like the Corte Ingles supermarket, despite its slightly higher prices than other grocery stores. It seemed to be equivalent in price to those in the United States, where I shop. When I was in Madrid recently, there seemed to be a number of small and medium-sized grocery stores throughout the city center, both to the north and west of your hotel (towards Plaza Espana and even beyond).

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