Sorteo once black friday comprobar

Sorteo once black friday comprobar

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The Cuponazo Especial Black Friday is a special edition of the ONCE Cuponazo of Fridays that in this case coincides to be played on the same Friday that Black Friday 2021 is celebrated. The Black Friday of November may be illuminated with a shower of Euros thanks to the following prizes of the ONCE Black Friday Cuponazo:
In addition to the usual Cuponazo prizes, with the special edition of this coupon you can win even more gifts. Specifically, in the edition of the Black Friday Couponazo 2021 hundreds of gifts are additionally raffled: Headphones, sports activity bracelets or 55-inch televisions:

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Regarding the gifts, televisions will be awarded by drawing lots before a notary among all participants; wireless headphones and activity bracelets will be awarded through the mechanics of the winning moment.
The name Black Friday (Black Friday), comes from the change of colors that undergoes the accounting of stores and department stores in the United States, which goes from red to black, as sales soar to be held the day after the feast of Thanksgiving.

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You can participate from 8:00 am on June 10, 2021 until 11:59 pm. (peninsular time) on June 24 with your San Juan Daily Coupon. That is to say, the coupon whose draw date is June 24, 2021.
Try again by reading the codes correctly and making sure you enter the required data without spaces or dashes. Remember that only the coupons of the San Juan Daily Coupon whose draw date coincides with June 24, 2021 are valid. With each coupon you can participate once. If you still have problems checking your code, contact the customer service channels indicated on the promotional website and we will help you to solve it.
You can win one of hundreds of Edenred gift cards valued at 50 € that we have for you. If you are one of the lucky winners, we will send you an email where we will ask you to accept the prize (you will only have to answer with “Yes, I accept the prize”) in order to send you by email the code of your gift card, which you can redeem on the Edenred website: You will have 3 working days to accept it. If we do not receive a reply within this period, the prize will be void.

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Currently, the ONCE Daily Coupon is drawn from Monday to Thursday at 21:25 hours. The results are broadcasted through television, radio and different printed and digital media. The coupon has a value of 1,50€ per bet, having the possibility of including “La Paga” for 0,50€ more.
The commercial activity is carried out by people with blindness, severe visual impairment and other disabilities, thus contributing to their professional development and integration into society. They also have the platform “” where you can buy coupons online, as well as in some authorized establishments such as tobacconists, gas stations, etc., with the aim of reaching more places, with longer opening hours and in places where ONCE was not visible until now.

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