Tbc the billion coin

Tbc the billion coin

What is tbc(thebillioncoin)

TBC2 Coin is an Ethereum Network ERC-20 token that is decentralized, transparent, and open source. TBC2 coin users can use a number of third-party wallets and blockchain explorers by deploying on the Ethereum network, which means there is no single wallet or explorer that needs to be managed and updated by a centralized team. Aside from the use of third-party apps, user trust is strengthened by the fact that the Ethereum Foundation’s work ensures that all Ethereum.Tokens, like TBC2 Coin, are kept up to date in terms of technology and protection. With a fair distribution process, the total supply is 1 billion coins. We want TBC2 Coin to become a secure and simple-to-use payment coin for the entire world. Individuals or organizations cannot control the market price if the distribution is fair and restricted. DISCLOSURE The Ethereum Blockchain was used for this project. TBC2 is transparent and open source. SECURITY Ethereum Miners from all over the world protect the Ethereum Network. Fast Transactions are fast, typically taking less than a minute to complete.

The billion coin: how i exchange tbc for bitcoin

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently released an advisory (as seen below) on Kris Kringle’s The Billion Coin, advising the public about those involved in such activities. The advisory explains the scheme’s activities and advises the public not to invest in or avoid investing in any investment scheme offered by the entity, its members, or any other entities engaged in schemes that promise absurdly high returns with little or no risk.
The entities operating under the name THE BILLION COIN (TBC) by KRIS KRINGLE are engaged in investment-taking activities in the Philippines that are NOT Approved by the Commission, according to information gathered by the Commission.
Unlike Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which strictly adhere to market-driven norms, TBCoin’s value is said to be user-based since its price appears to rise in proportion to the number of users/holders or investors. TBC dubbed it a “Abundance-based Cryptocurrency” as a result.

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When I’m looking into potentially lucrative cryptocurrencies, I start by testing Coin Market Cap. It’s a simple way to look up a coin’s price, amount, and history, and it includes links to a number of tools.
Unfortunately, I hit a brick wall right away because TBC isn’t listed there. It’s not a big deal—there are a ton of brand new coins that haven’t been listed yet, and discovering a coin in its early stages will yield 10x the benefit.
According to the site’s creators, The Billion Coin is ranked fourth in terms of market capitalization, behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Given that I hadn’t even heard of TBC until a few days ago, that seems a stretch. I’m going to say that’s a lie, given how often I research the crypto industry on a daily basis. TBC would be listed on Coin Market Cap if this were valid.
“Get out of debt quickly,” says the next picture on the slider. They seem to be preying on the emotions of desperate people, which is a classic sign of a con. Anyone considering purchasing this coin should follow the example of the woman cutting up her credit cards to avoid losing anything they own.

Shopping using tbc/kringles – the billion coin

CRYPTO CURRENCY, according to Richard Branson, will change the world. Dangote, one of Africa’s richest individuals, is not afraid to take risks and invest in new ventures. Are you still waiting for the naira to surpass the dollar? Well, the naira, the dollar, the euro, and other fiat currencies are all subject to fluctuation.
Crypto currency is a digital currency that operates independently from a central bank and uses encryption techniques to control currency generation and verify fund transfers through the blockchain. Without realizing it, the digital world has made people more convenient. You can speak to people from all over the world.
“Whether you like it or not, the digital world is moving forward and fast, and whether you like it or not, you must be a part of it. You might not like it, but it is the future trend. The BillionCoin is the money of the future.”
Today, if you were told to invest in a Mobile Applications to make money where people get updates on their phones to make money, you would not be interested, but those who invested in those Apps are now millionaires, and you have the same opportunity with THE BILLION COIN.

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