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We bring you the best team america kim jong il quotes online

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Team America: World Police is an English-language television show that first premiered in the United States. Team America: World Police has a 98-minute episode length. Paramount Pictures distributes Team America: World Police.
Trey Parker portrays Gary Johnston, Daran Norris portrays Spottswoode, Kristen Miller portrays Lisa, Adrian Connon McDonald portrays Kim Jong Il, Matt Stone portrays Chris, Jeremy Shada portrays Joe, Maurice LaMarche portrays Alec Baldwin, Adrian Connon McDonald portrays song, Fred Tatasciore portrays Samuel L. Jackson, Masasa Moyo portrays Sarah, and Maurice LaMarche portrays Woman Sh

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Kim Jong Il: Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, Ronery, There isn’t anybody / Onry, it’s just me / I’m sitting on my rickety throne. I try really hard to be number one man / but there’s no one to right up my rife / stiwr there’s no one to right up my rife / It seems that no one takes me seriously / As a result, I’m ronery / A ronery rittle ronery rittle ronery rittle ronery ‘Poor rittle me,’ says the narrator. I don’t know who I should rerate to / Feewr rike a caged biwd / It’s a little off / but not too off / because it’s filling my body with anger / I’m the smartest, most crever, and physically fittest guy in the room / but no one seems to care / Maybe they’ll remember me one day / And until then, I’m going to be ronery / Yeah, a ronery rittle / Poor rittle me…
Hans Brix, Kim Jong Il? No way! Oh, herro, oh, herro, oh, her Hans, it’s great to see you again! Hans Blix (Hans Blix): Mr. Il, I was supposed to be able to look around your palace today, but your guards are refusing to let me into those areas. Hans, Hans, Hans! Kim Jong Il: Hans, Hans, Hans! This has happened to us a dozen times. OK, Hans, I don’t have any weapons of mass destruction. Hans Blix: Then allow me to take a look around so that I can calm the UN’s collective nerves. Sorry, but the United Nations must be firm with you. Otherwise, you’ll have to let me in. Kim Jong Il: What if it doesn’t work out? Hans Blix: Otherwise, we’ll be furious with you… and we’ll write you a letter expressing our displeasure. Kim Jong Il: All right, Hans. I’ll demonstrate. Stand firm in your stance. [Moves to the left] Hans Blix: Kim Jong Il: Just a smidgeon more. Hans Blix: [Moves back to the left] Kim Jong Il: All right. [Hans falls into the trap]

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Kim Jong-il is North Korea’s leader.

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Team America: World Police’s chief enemy is Kim Jong-il. He is North Korea’s cruel tyrant, who wants to transform the entire world into a third-world nation and wreak havoc. He is able to remain a major player in the terrorism market and influence a number of smaller terrorist organizations undetected due to North Korea’s secrecy. He is the mastermind behind a slew of terrorist attacks around the world. Kim’s ultimate goal is to detonate WMDs all over the world, causing global turmoil. He is a Zypod, an alien cockroach from the planet Gyron, who has assumed Kim Jong-human il’s form. His goal is to annihilate humanity so that his species can take over the world.
Kim is from a planet named Gyron, and he was sent to conquer Earth and get all the Earthlings to destroy each other so that his species could take over the planet for themselves, according to a movie end credit song sung by Kim Jong-il. Kim’s species on Gyron is known as Zypods, which are alien cockroaches. Kim explains how they share the world with giant bees known as Balmacks, and how the two species are constantly at odds. The Zypods are looking for a new habitat, which was supposed to be Earth. Kim has been dispatched by Gyron to find a new home. He eventually comes across Earth and begins to carry out his scheme.

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Trey Parker directed and wrote Team America: World Police, a 2004 satirical action comedy film written by Parker, Matt Stone, and Pam Brady, who are also known for the iconic animated television series South Park. The film, which stars Parker, Stone, Kristen Miller, Masasa, Daran Norris, Phil Hendrie, Maurice LaMarche, Chelsea Marguerite, Jeremy Shada, and Fred Tatasciore, is a parody of big-budget action movies and their associated clichés and tropes, with a particular comedic focus on the global implications of US politics. The title is derived from domestic and international political critiques that the United States’ foreign policy attempts to “protect the globe” on a regular and unilateral basis. Team America follows the fictitious titular paramilitary police force and their recruitment of a Broadway actor in an effort to save the world from North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, who is leading a plot involving Islamic terrorists and liberal Hollywood actors to destroy the world.

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