Technical analysis reddit list

Technical analysis reddit list

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-Despite the development of quadrillions of currency units (DEMAND) over the last 50 years, coffee prices have only risen slightly…this is due to the vast amount of coffee production around the world (SUPPLY) maintaining a price ceiling. Deplorable…
On the 15m map, we use a momentum indicator (MACD), Moving Averages (50 & 100), Volume, and the relative strength index to look at the previous month (RSI). Even if the market acts irrationally, every price appears to shift in trends…
It’s backed up by the numbers. swarm in Since 3/15/21, shorts have yet to cover and could have raised their short status even further. I have $35 strike calls expiring on 4/16. It’s like a southern Dicks sporting goods store with the majority of its locations in states where masks aren’t needed.
Hello everybody, this is an update on my previous GameStop trading plans. With the support of r/wallstreetbets, I discovered this stock in November 2020. Even though this market is insanely irrational, I’ve tried to apply technicals almost every time.

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I’m new to it all, and I’m not sure whether I should practice technical research or if it’ll be a waste of time.

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Even if it’s true, I suppose it works to some degree.

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So, apart from long-term investment in large stocks, what else works?

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Is it possible for me to make a living from it? I don’t get it; a 10% return on investment is fantastic, but how do people make a living off of that? Having a large sum of money to begin with? Thank you, and please accept my apologies for the dumb query. There are 39 comments. 63 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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I’ve started reading Martin j. Pring’s book Technical Analysis Explained. There are chapters on chart trends and indicators in this book. This book, however, does not cover all chart trends or indicators. Another book I came across was Thomas N. Bulkowski’s Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns. There are more than 50 chart trends covered in this book, but no technical indicators. How many different chart trends and measures are there? Is there a comprehensive list of all chart trends, technical indicators, and trading systems available? There have been 9 views. 100 percent upvoted by sharesavehidereport This discussion has been closed. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.

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Once you’ve loaded Orders Indicator into your MT4, you can customize the color scheme, text type, and other variables. 5 minutes is the standard deviation indicator. Accounts should be compared. This gives you a good description of when you joined the trade, when you exited the trade, and what your outcomes were. MT4 is one of the most widely used trading platforms for retail investors on financial markets, especially in forex trading. After you’ve finished configuring the indicator, simply press F9 to open a new order and paste the values into the MT4 box. Make an appointment with the broker There’s more. We also serve as a marketplace for trade tools, maps, magazines, educational courses, and other materials. We are a group of analysts and investors who specialize in penny stock selection. You can quickly open a trial account and test IG’s first-class trading platform since there is no minimum funding sum for bank transfers. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, and we will include them in future posts. Based on your entry and stop-loss levels, risk tolerance, account size, account currency, and quote currency price, the position size calculator will tell you how many lots to exchange. United States of America, Redwood City About This Blog BStock Solutions hosts liquidation auctions of surplus inventory, consumer returns, and overstock inventory from major retailers and manufacturers. More information on our methods can be found here. If you’re just interested in commissions, we suggest looking into the best discount brokers.

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