Do you know which are the best thats not how the force works gif?

Do you know which are the best thats not how the force works gif?

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We spent a lot of last season’s coverage of The Mandalorian concentrating on what happened with Yoda in each episode in adorable GIF form, and we’re doing it again this season. Obviously, indeed. When we last left Mando and Baby Yoda, they were off on an adventure to unknown lands in search of others of Baby Yoda’s kind, trailed by the creepy Moff Gideon. Will Mando improve her child-rearing abilities this time? Can the guild provide a day-care center? Can Baby Yoda make friends with some of the wacky American comedians who appear on the show? All we can do is hope.
As a newly dedicated single parent, Mando’s first choice is to take Baby Yoda to a fight club! This seems to be a bad idea, and Baby Yoda is worried about the general atmosphere on the way in. Graffiti adorns the walls, and the atmosphere is dank and unappealing.
You’d never guess, but Baby Yoda was right to be worried. Mando gets into a clash with Gor Koresh while looking for the other Mandalorians. Fortunately, Baby Yoda has mastered some vital self-defense skills, including how to press the button that protects him from blaster fire. Mando has also picked up one moderately responsible combat skill: once the war begins, he kicks Baby Yoda’s closed-up pod away from the fray. Accountable!

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The black ball moves in a straight line in the inertial frame of reference (upper part of the image). Due to the Coriolis and centrifugal forces present in this frame, the observer (red dot) standing in the rotating/non-inertial frame of reference (lower part of the picture) sees the object as following a curved direction.
The Coriolis force is a fictitious or inertial force in physics that acts on moving objects in a frame of reference that rotates with respect to an inertial frame. The force works to the left of the object’s motion in a reference frame of clockwise rotation. The force behaves to the right in a clockwise (or counterclockwise) rotation. The Coriolis effect is the deflection of an object caused by the Coriolis force. The mathematical expression for the Coriolis force was first published in a paper by French scientist Gaspard-Gustave de Coriolis in 1835, in connection with the theory of water wheels. [two] The term Coriolis force was first used in meteorology in the early twentieth century.

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When you hop up, why do you fall on the ground instead of floating off into space? When you throw or drop something, why does it come down? Gravity is the answer: an unseen force that attracts objects to each other. The gravity of the Earth is what holds you on the ground and causes objects to fall.
Gravity exists in everything that has mass. Gravity is stronger for objects with more mass. With space, gravity weakens as well. As a result, the smaller two objects are, the greater their gravitational force is.
The mass of the Earth contributes to its gravitational pull. All of its mass exerts a combined gravitational force on all of the body’s mass. That’s how you get your weight. And if you lived on a planet with a lower mass than Earth, you would weigh less.
Gravity keeps the planets in their orbits around the sun and the moon in its orbit around Earth. The moon’s gravitational force draws the oceans towards it, resulting in ocean tides. Stars and planets are formed by gravity pulling together the material from which they are created.

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“And show me your FAVORITE tiny meaningless item-”“Alright, stay with me because I’m going to travel soon. This is a simple finger twister game where you use your fingers and a small spinner. This is my mini yoga kit, which includes a mini yoga package, a yoga mat, and leggings for yoga poses. This is my miniature lava lamp, which changes colors and shines brightly. This is my miniature dartboard, which is clearly entertaining. This is my operation’s minigame. This is one of my miniature hotwheels. This is my miniature cooking kit, with which I once made a pastry. This is my little toolbox, which I used to put my air conditioner in. This is my mini viewfinder; when you open it, you’ll see pictures inside. This is my mini science kit, which I made—I once used it to make elephant toothpaste. This is my mini leafblower; someone told me that they use it to cool their soup, which I thought was hilarious. You know what I’m talking about when I say these are my Lincoln logs. This is my mini Zoltar machine; he’ll tell you your fortune if you want him to, but shut up- shutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutupshutups I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time. Any other questions? This is a mini woopee cushion [abrupt fart noise] hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha This is my miniature harmonica. [plays a note on the piano] Oh, yeah [plays a different, longer note] OH MY TUBE Guy, did I miss any? [as it wiggles around, it makes whirring noises] Thank you so much-”

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