The chain the voice

The chain the voice

Chloe kohanski – the chain (the voice blind auditions 2017

Chloe Kohanski (born December 29, 1993) is an American rock singer-songwriter who goes by the moniker chloe mk (stylized in lowercase). At the age of 23, she won season 13 of the American talent competition The Voice.
In 2017, Kohanski auditioned for the thirteenth season of The Voice. She performed “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac in the blind auditions, which aired on NBC on October 9, 2017. Just Adam Levine did not switch his chair, as did three of the four judges: Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, and Blake Shelton. She wanted to be a member of Miley’s team. Miley Cyrus chose to keep Ashland Craft instead of her in the knockouts round, which aired on October 30, 2017. Jennifer Hudson decided to remain on Team Blake despite the fact that both Blake Shelton and Jennifer Hudson tried to snatch the eliminated Kohanski. With “Wish I Didn’t Love You,” Kohanski won the season title on December 19, 2017. Coach Blake Shelton now has six wins on the show, putting him in the lead as the mentor with the most wins. Kohanski took home the grand prize of $100,000 as well as a record deal with Universal Music Group. She mentioned that she intends to continue her contributions to mainstream rock and roll and classic rock. [two]

Alex hamel – the chain | 1o live | the voice of greece

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To be sure, I’m not ‘carrying’ the spell with my Familiar. I’m aware of the drawbacks. I’m just using them to approximate my own visual range, and my main interest is in the wording of some spells that enable you to target ‘a creature you can see within range,’ but don’t specify how the spell ‘travels’ across space. From here, let’s set up our hypothetical and choose a spell that, in my opinion, would have adequate water retention for this argument.

The battles: sally skelton v homegrown ‘the chain’ | the

“Chloe was one of Chloe’s musical influences when she was younger. He had always wanted to be a musician, but after graduating, he chose to pursue a career as an English teacher in college. He soon realized that wasn’t for him, and he began playing in a blues band. Her decision to pursue music was not what her parents had wished for, as they have both been concerned about the unpredictability of the music industry. They are always supportive of Chloe’s singing, even though they still want the best for her. Chloe’s chance to make her parents proud and have her musical talent validated is on The Voice.”

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