We bring you the best the coin house online

We bring you the best the coin house online

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Whereas the Commission believes that, in order to ensure a smooth transition to the euro, banks should go beyond and beyond the legal minimum by providing free account conversion from the national currency unit to the euro, as well as free conversion of outgoing payments from the national currency unit to the euro unit during the transition period. http://eur-lex.europa.eu/

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Here you can find information about the buttons on the homepage and how to register. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to meet you online. Here we go over the details of our auction and how to sign up. The LIVE COIN & BANKNOTE AUCTION N° 20 is scheduled for May 8th and 9th, 2021. For more details, go to NEWS.
Beste bezoeker, u kunt uw verzameling veilen door ons. Our years of experience give you the ability to safeguard your collection in a secure and risk-free manner. Are you interested? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible!
Filip I, zeeldzame en prachtige 100 euro goud 2016, 100ste Verjaardag van Gabrielle Petit’s overlijden in PROOF kwaliteit. Slechts 300 stuks oplage! Original doosje with certification included. ( ) (WARNING: The sales commission on this gold coin is just 10%!) (OPGELET: The commission on this gouden munt is just 10%.)
Prachtige 5000 Frank goud 1999 type Brussel, Culturele hoofdstad van Europa. Albert II, Prachtige 5000 Frank goud 1999 type Brussel, Culturele hoofdstad van Europa. UITERST ZELDZAAM UITERST ZELDZAAM UITERST ZELD Exemplaar in Proof kwaliteit met GLADDE RAND. GEKEND SLECHTS 125 EXEMPLAREN. Delivered in a genuine doosje with a certificate.

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Are you looking for Belgian euro coins? You’ll find a huge variety of unique coins here, not only from Belgium, but from all over the EU. We give you not only single coins that are commonly used for payment, but also special sets and coins designed solely for collecting. If you’re a die-hard collector, you’ll be blown away by the selection of Belgian euro coins on this list! You can search by type, quality level, or fabrication year to find what you’re searching for faster. Do you have a favorite coin that you’d like to add to your collection? At the top of this list, type in your name or the product number.

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