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We’ve been hearing about the birth of a new Internet, or Web 3.0, for a few years now, and even longer after Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that some of these terms seem to be the same, they are not.
The first edition of the Internet that we were aware of was dubbed Web 1.0. The Content Distribution Network (CDN) was an access-free, instant yet static network where users did nothing more than consume content posted by a few publishers in a client-server architecture. HTML code, banners, and web forms filled the unreadable network (you’ll recall what Yahoo! looked like back in 1994).
Around ten years later, Web 2.0 arrived with the introduction of blogging, social networking, and e-commerce, revolutionizing social interactions. Read & write was a fact, thanks to dynamic content, web applications, cloud services, XML, RSS, and a new Internet that enabled users and communities to collaborate with one another.
Web 2.0 gave way to the next level, a semantic Internet, which enhances the requisite web technologies to develop, upload, and link content through data analysis based on the ability to understand the meaning of words, rather than keywords or numbers, only ten years ago. A modern Internet of integrated applications and computers, 3D graphics, live-streaming, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and digital money that enables a ubiquitous omnichannel strategy. Welcome to the read, write, and execute world of Web 3.0: an Internet where we can build content, exchange it, and execute agreements.

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Professor J. Leon Zhao is the Chair Professor and Director of the Center on Global Internet Finance at City University of Hong Kong’s College of Business. His IT research focuses on workflow technology and its applications in knowledge distribution, e-learning, supply chain management, organizational performance management, and services computing.
Dr. Ji Wu is an Associate Research Fellow at Sun Yat-sen University’s Department of Management Science. His research focuses on social media marketing as well as big data exploration in finance and organizations.
If you’ve spent much time on this planet in the last few years, you’ve undoubtedly learned of Bitcoin and its underlying technology, blockchain. While the terms Bitcoin and blockchain are often used interchangeably in the cryptocurrency world, they have quite different meanings in a broader sense. Let’s start with Bitcoin and then move on to blockchain to discuss the principle of trust, which is at the heart of all business activities.

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The Internet’s thirty candles were blown out in 2019. It is the greatest discovery that the world has ever seen. When you see how the Internet has changed the world, you can’t help but be amazed. The internet and its implications have pervaded every aspect of our lives.
Last but not least, Blockchain is changing the way confidence is built: historically backed by institutions since the invention of fiat currencies, it is now free of them due to technological reliability – asymmetric cryptography and distributed IT architectures – as well as psychological implications. It can be modified by will by technology.

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