We bring you the best the fire rises meme online

We bring you the best the fire rises meme online

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On the SiIvaGunner channel, baneposting is a minor meme. The meme includes injecting audio from the scene into rips, based on the uncomfortable dialogue between a CIA agent and the villain Bane in the 2012 film The Dark Knight Rises.
The masked villain Bane is arrested with his friends and questioned on a plane by a CIA agent in the prologue to the film The Dark Knight Rises. The agent then tries to throw Bane off the plane, but Bane admits that this had all along been his plan and flees.
After a video of the prologue to The Dark Knight Rises was leaked online in December 2011, the meme began on 4chan’s /tv/ board. The clumsy delivery and dialogue quickly became a meme. The last two lines of the above exchange were often misinterpreted as having sexual connotations, i.e. “[I’m a big guy] for you,” which contributed to their popularity. The meme spread to other 4chan boards, as well as other internet groups and forums, including Reddit, over the next few months.

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When it comes to Bane, which side of the coin has landed? Since the release of The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, some have considered Tom Hardy’s portrayal of Bane to be captivating, while others have found it amusing. It’s a bit of a mishmash. The voice is threatening at times, and it suits the character well overall. However, some of the lines are overbearing, and the intensity needed to understand him can pull you out of the scene.
Some fans couldn’t see beyond the comic book character, and no one is more concerned about character design accuracy than comic book fans. Regardless of your feelings about Nolan’s Bane, you can’t deny that it’s quotable. And in today’s culture, being quotable entails being memeable. Here are ten of the most hilarious Bane memes that the internet has to bring!
We didn’t realize we needed this crossover, but we’re glad it’s here. Memers’ minds act in a different way than casual internet surfers’, as shown by the discovery of comedy gold from King of the Hill years after it aired.

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Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many of us won’t be able to visit museums, but we’re proud to say that we’ve found the next best thing. Memes about art. They blend the imagination and talent of our favorite eras of art with a sense of humour that is both stupid and relatable. What else do you ask for?
The hottest dank meme format of the week is a 2016 tweet featuring a photoshopped picture of Filthy Frank confronting Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. The pattern began when Redditor u/Pizza Crusade posted a self-deprecating school meme to the r/memes subreddit yesterday. Many memes have followed in its footsteps, with the majority of them riffing on grandiosity or self-abnegation. Filthy Frank memes haven’t been common in a long time, so we’re hoping to see more of them.

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Advertisement:Batman was already a memetic character, but this series upped the ante. These lines are very common on 4chan, especially in the /tv/ area. The Adventures of Batman Begin The Dark Knight: The Dark Knight Rises (advertisement) Posting of a bane Baneposting is the act of shitposting with Bane quotes and related TDKR quotes, with an emphasis on the opening plane hijacking scene. Although theoretically a subset of TDKR memes, they had evolved to the point that they had become their own subculture, with an entire 8chan board dedicated to discussing them. It’s so memetic in every way that it’s easy to find someone who can quote the whole scene word for word. “”Yes, Dr. Pavel, I’m CIA.” The flames are getting hotter “For AN ENTIRE DECADE, and all in between, has been recited nonstop. Here’s an example of The Wiki Rule in action. Alfred: Hello, my name is Alfred. Some men aren’t searching for rational solutions, such as memes. They cannot be purchased, browbeaten, reasoned with, or bargained with. Some men are content to sit around and watch the world burn.

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