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Exceptional meaning Factory of memes A real group of school friends who use a groupchat to share memes, vines, and reaction photos, as well as vent about their problems. People who work at the meme factory aren’t perfect in every aspect of their lives, but they are well-versed in all types of memes and vines. Is there anybody in the meme factory right now? Submitted by fangirl345 12th of July, 202060
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Bob, get yourself a Meme Factory mug.
23rd of April The Day’s Word kilig1 is a noun that means “kilig” in Filipino. When something romantic or idealistic happens, one gets a sudden feeling of unexplained joy. When kilig, one can have the following experiences: *butterflies in one’s stomach *an internal struggle between the desire for something and the truth of it Kilig can also be described as that mountain top, floating on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart-aching goodness and feeling that overwhelms the mind’s ability to think clearly, act clearly, breathe properly, and formulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence. KILIGS, KILIGS, KILIGS, KILIGS, KILIGS, KI Submitted by mis2n.yoo 7th of June, 201160665

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Experiments in audience-centered advocacy media at Meme Factory

Many advocacy media-making techniques date back to the early days of broadcast media. They miss out on the honesty of observable conduct, the power of iterating in real-time against audience insights, and the unprecedented pace, cost, and scale of digital by testing ideas through phone polls and focus groups. Furthermore, while most conventional research methods are effective at identifying broad, tepid support, they lack a framework for identifying the energizing, mobilizing storylines that drive real change. Not only is a new approach for advocacy media creation needed, but it is also necessary to break away from message-poll-based micro-targeting strategies that can intensify political polarization.

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Poole described 4chan as “completely raw, completely unfiltered.” He introduced his audience to the latest internet phenomenon of “memes” that arose from the web, such as LOLcats and Rickrolling, two of the most famous memes of the 2000s.
Activating a meme factory (sincerely or in jest) on Reddit’s gaming communities necessitates willing participants reacting with concerted (and at times, inauthentic) action by flooding social media threads.
Hobbyish niche meme factories, on the other hand, are social media accounts that curate content created by a single individual or a small group of admins using unique vernaculars and aesthetics to appeal to their target audience.
Memes n Dreams, for example, is a Telegram chat community where participants exchange funny memes, post their own original memes, and brainstorm about “meme challenges” that require the group to create content to spread a particular message.
Some factories launched new campaigns to use their massive followings to support and maintain small local businesses, while others purposefully politicized their memes to defy Singapore and Malaysian censorship laws.

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Breaking the ice for blockchain-based economic networks of intellectual property properties

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23rd of May 2019

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Laura Ortman’s work ranges from performance art to experimental music. Has One of the Whitney Biennial’s Standout Works 23rd of May 2019
District0x Network, a blockchain company that raised $9 million in an initial coin offering in August 2017, developed the site. Venture capital firms Boost VC and CoinFund participated in the funding round, which was conducted in ether (ETH) cryptocurrency.
So, how does it function? Artists, for example, may use the marketplace to generate original tokenized memes and apply them to the Dank Registry for consideration. The submissions will then be scanned by registry curators, who are holders of the project’s DANK token, who will determine which memes will be added to the site. Finally, according to the announcement, collectors will be able to purchase such memes using ETH.
Districts will be decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that use District0x’s software to allow posting, searching, reputation, and payments. District0x also developed Name Bazaar, which allows users to buy namespaces on ethereum, in addition to Meme Factory.

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